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Printed VS Web Graphic Designing

Posted on: March 11, 2012

Printed graphic designing and web graphic designing is quite different from each other from many aspects. Both types of graphic designing are compared with each other from different aspects to better understand difference between both of them in this article. Remember that print graphic designing works for printed or published material such as magazines, business cards, logo designing, newspapers, products designing and packaging etc. On the other hand web designing is done for the internet community to banner advertise the products/services, website designing and e-mail newsletters.

From which aspects print and web graphic designing is different is briefly mentioned below:


Audience greatly differs in both types of graphic designing as print or web. In print designing you are dealing with a physical product in the form of magazine or newsletter and you have to attract the attention of readers by offering them one page ad or marketing message of the product/service. It is an advantage of print designing that physical property of your product can better attract the attention of customers. For example if a paper company is giving its ad and promoting its own product in the form of magazine, customers can better understand the quality of product. Designing on web from this aspect is contrary as on computer interface you try to keep customers stay on one page as long as possible. Moreover number of pages can be unlimited and users can access those relevant pages with just a click on the provided links. Flash objects and animations are also included in web designing.


As we talk about layout of print and web design project it also differs. In print designing space can be measured in inches whereas in web it is measured in pixels. In print layout you can market from smallest to largest item like business card to highway advertisement. In web you have to focus on resolution of your monitor to design a website of your company.


Dealing with colors while designing a print or web design project is also very tricky and different. Colors displayed in different shapes and forms in print and web design project. Web designing offers you to choose color of your own choice from available palette for printing your desired page. In print designing you can just view the color display.


Technological measurement or tools are also different in both print and web designing. In print media Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator programs are used to put graphical objects on published material. Latest technology in printing process is also very important in print media designing. A web designer uses different types of coded languages and software to design the websites of companies and includes graphics in that websites. All of web designing depends on web developer/designer that how he can make an effective and dynamic web design project for customer’s convenience.

Print and web designing is different from career development regardless of aspects given above. In print media individuals can survive as art director at magazine, editor, ad designer and package designer etc. In website designing individuals can make their career as web developers, flash designer for movie websites and banner or ad designer for marketing purposes.

Whatever the way you want to select for your designing project, advancement from all the aspects is necessary to be kept in mind while working for each type of designing on corporate level.


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