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Posted on: April 8, 2012

Banners are designed for marketing purposes of a business or promotion for a campaign. A well designed and effective banner can be very helpful in successfully marketing the products/services. Banner designing is a part of graphic designing and serve the people in getting information through text and visual objects on it.

Here are some tips and instructions for effective banner designing that can definitely raise sale ratio and CTRs. Hope these tips will be beneficial for you in better banner designing.

  1. Animations should be used in graphical presentation of a banner but remember that you have to attract the attention of people not to irritate them. Animations should be included in more professional way.
  2. Typography is most important element of banner designing and font style should be according to latest trends of graphic designing.
  3. Some properties like “click here” or “submit” in order to improve CTR of banner.
  4. Always use dark and bright colors in banner design work. Green, blue and yellow colors can improve CTR of banner. Red colors should be used sparingly.
  5. When you design a banner for specific message delivery, keep in mind that message should be short and simple.
  6. Word “free” can also enhance CTR of banner but it depends on the type of product or service that is going to sell.
  7. Keep changing your banner designing and update it according to current information and status.
  8. Hyperlink you banner page with other specific page that contains some more information regarding publicity or message of your product/services.

In order to find better results of banner designing, you should test your designed banner. You can do this by running your banner and check out its resulting sales and CTRs. You can make necessary amendments in your banner designing like graphics and font etc. format of banner designing is also very important and you should use most common banner formats for this purpose. Try to make your banner designing more effective, attractive and dynamic to update people from your company status.


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