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Making a Flyer in MS Word

Posted on: May 15, 2012

Flyers are also marketing tools but unlike many others, it is cost effective. Earlier, method of making a flyer with Photoshop has been discussed. Today I will discuss rather easier method which is to make a flyer in MS Word 2007. If you also want to know how to create a flyer in Microsoft Word, read this post carefully:

  • Before doing any kind of designing work, plan it carefully on a simple sheet of paper to get an initial layout. Think about the content which you will write in your flyer to advertise your event along with some attractive title of your flyer. A flyer remains incomplete without having topic related images on it so think of collecting some relevant photos to be added on flyer. While making a layout of flyer on paper, always leave some room for adding contact and other necessary details.
  • Now get started by opening a new document in MS Word. Give it a title heading and create a file document and folder so that you can later find it easier.
  • Take data from paper layout of flyer and type it in new MS Word document. Title will obviously be written at the top along with other information. If you want to make some changes in size and style of font, you can use home menu tab in MS Word 2007. Justification of text would also be done in same menu tab.
  • To enhance the look of your flyer, you can give it borders and backgrounds. To give a border, go to Page layout tab and select your desired border. To add background, you will go to Page layout tab and select page color. You can even bring some variety in background color by giving it a gradient effect.
  • Now you can add a picture or clip art related to flyer topic. Go to Insert menu tab to insert a picture file.
  • You will definitely add contact numbers to your flyers. For adding contact numbers in a sophisticated manner, you are suggested inserting a table at the bottom of flyer. Go to Insert menu to insert a table and then add text in that table. If you want to make some adjustments in table settings, right click within table and select table properties.
  • Now you have almost done. Select Print Review to see the changes made in ultimate version of flyer.

That’s all about creating a flyer in MS Word 2007. It is quite simple to do. Just give it a try and make attractive flyers at home to advertise your events.


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