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Creating Newsletter Graphic in Photoshop

Posted on: June 3, 2012

Although a number of ways have been devised for advertisements, newsletters are still considered as the best way to spread words about business, sales promotion and other events. Are you also thinking of making a newsletter for promoting your business? If yes then you will have to make an attractive and well-designed newsletter. To attract attention of people towards your business and newsletters, you will require an eye-catching graphic. If you really want so then I will recommend you using Adobe Photoshop to make a newsletter graphic. To make it possible, here I will give you some easy steps to follow:

  • After opening Adobe Photoshop, click File menu and then click New. In the Name box, type Newsletter. Here you will also require typing dimensions for your graphic. You will type these in the boxes named Width and Height. From each drop-down menu, select Inches. From the Background menu, click Transparent and then select OK.
  • In the next step, you will right-click an icon which will appear as a gray rectangle, gray star or gray circle. It will appear near the base of Tools menu. Here you will select Custom Shape Tool.
  • At the top of work area, click the Shape menu on the new toolbar. Select an attractive shape for your newsletter graphic keeping in mind the purpose of your newsletter.
  • Select into the Color box that will also appear on the toolbar. Select a color for your newsletter graphic. Again I will recommend you to choose a color that suits purpose and theme of the newsletter. After this click OK.
  • Now select the Newsletter box while holding down left button of your mouse. Drag your mouse until you get shape of desired size or the shape fills the box. Now you can release the mouse. You will saw a colored shape in front of you.
  • On the Tools column, click the “T” icon to add text to graphic. Color, font style and size should be in contrast with the color of your shape to make the text prominent.  After clicking the graphic area, type the text such as name of newsletter, your business slogan and column title etc.
  • After doing this, click File and then select Save As. Now pull down the Format menu and select GIF and then again click Save.

This was a simple method to create a graphic newsletter in Adobe Photoshop. I hope that you will not only understand this method but also follow it to make an appealing graphic newsletter.


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