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Making Animated Headers

Posted on: June 14, 2012

Making animated headers is quite beneficial if you want to attract more and more people towards a website. Animated headers create a excellent first impression on mind of a person who visits your website. Actually header is the main banner that is displayed at the top of website and shows the name of site along with its picture. So a header graphic is the most important factor that can contribute to creating a good impression on a new visitor. Do you also want to make an animated header for your website? If yes then read the instructions given below:

  • Visit a site at which you can create Flash header graphic for your own site. Another option is to visit a site which offers free base header graphics helping you to take a start with a background.
  • After that, you next step would be to launch graphic editing program and to develop a new document. As far as size of header is concerned, you can size headers to your desired dimensions. Ideal dimensions for a header are 800×300 pixels but the most common dimensions used by most of the people are either 800×600 or 1024×768 resolution. Now save your file as a PSD as it will make it easy for you to go back and add or remove elements to animate.
  • Now you can design your image using different colors, pictures and textures. You can use ‘Fill’ tool to fill color or shades in large spaces.
  • In the graphics program, select ‘Text’ tool to add text to header. You can customize text by changing its color or size. To make text even more attractive, I will suggest you to add an effect to text like reflection or drop-shadow.
  • Second last step is to copy and paste header graphic as first frame of new animation in animation program. Now you can make changes by adding or removing the elements in your header. Whenever you make a change in the elements of your header, copy and paste this new change as next frame in animation. You can view changed animation within program and at the same time you can speed up or slow down this process.
  • After making necessary changes, you can save animated header graphic as GIF file.

Follow these steps to make animated headers for your website. If you will make animated headers for your website, I assure you that you will be able to attract a large number of visitors to your website.


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