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Basic Elements of Graphic Design

Posted on: July 3, 2012

Today, my discussion will be all about basic elements of graphic design. Actually there are five basic elements of graphic design which include:

  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Mass
  • Texture
  • Colors

Here is a detail of these elements.


Being a graphic designer, you will need to understand role of shapes in your design. Three basic shapes which are mostly used in graphic designing are squares, triangles and circles. Shapes actually convey a meaning when they are used either alone or in combination. There are three types of shapes:

  • Geometric
  • Natural
  • Abstract

Geometric shapes are always structured and symmetrical and include squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. Natural shapes are those which are found in nature such as leaves of trees are example of a natural shape. These are irregular. Symbols which are found on different signs are example of abstract shapes.

All these shapes and their role and importance are necessary to be understood by a graphic designer.


Lines are also used either alone or in combination. They enhance the appearance of a design as well as increase readability. They also help in conveying message hidden in a design. Lines guide the eyes, convey meanings, provide movement and organize entire design.


Mass means visual weight of a graphic or image as well as text. Mass is one of the most important elements of graphic design as mass helps in equalizing size. Every element you use in a design whether it is photo, graphic, text or line has a mass relative to whole layout. Working with mass is actually an understanding how different parts of design can be measured.


Texture does not only refer to the paper on which we print our design but it also includes textures which are created using different techniques. For example, one of such techniques is embossing. Texture becomes an important part of a design whether you add it intentionally or not. As I said earlier, texture comes from the paper used for printing but visual textures may also be added by arrangement of shapes, lines and images.


How can a graphic designer forget about colors? Colors are not essential for making a good design because if black and white colors or shades of gray are used properly, they are capable of producing the same effect like that of bright colors like red and green. But color is such an element which has the power to evoke a reader’s or viewer’s mood.

These are five basic elements of graphic design. All of these should be given equal importance and should not be overlooked by a graphic designer.


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