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Making a Flyer in Photoshop

Posted on: July 21, 2012

Designing a good flyer is necessary to get noticed. Photoshop is a tool that helps you in making an attractive flyer. Here I will give you an easy process to make a flyer using Photoshop. Follow then steps given below:

  • Select New after going to the File menu. I will recommend you using a high resolution if you want to get clear images and crisp text. 600 dpi is a good choice but it will make your file big but don’t go below 200 dpi as in this case text and images in your flyer will not look attractive. As far as width and height of flyer is concerned, choose standard size width and height of 8.5 inch and 11 inch respectively.
  • I will suggest you to make a start with an image. But it will all depend on the type of flyer which you are going to make. For example, if you are making a music flyer, collect some photos of performers or musicians. Open the image in a separate window from the blank made by you. Click, hold and then drag the image onto the blank document using pointer tool. This will create a new Layer which you can move. If your image is small or large and you want to adjust it then go to Edit menu and select the option named Transform or Free Transform. The former option has presets while the latter will make it easier for you to do whatever you want with your image. After you are satisfied with the setting of the image, double click on it.
  • While designing background, try to select gradient. Choose Gradient after going to the Toolbar on the left hand side. You have an option to start gradient from any place on blank file but it will only be possible if you have Background Layer. To change color and type of gradient, you can click on the horizontal Toolbar at the top left corner.
  • Now start working on text. You should use a big headline over or under the photo. If you are creating a music concert flyer, use the band name as headline. Select a suitable font so it may make the headline prominent. Click “T” on the Tool bar and click mouse somewhere on screen to create a new layer. It will be quite helpful if you want to move parts of text.
  • You should save the file as Photoshop (.psd) document in order to preserve layers. It will be a large file but it will allow you using the same format a number of times by changing only particular elements.
  • After saving a copy of flyer, go to Layer menu and select Flatten Image. This will make one file by removing the layers. Save this as JPEG as you can easily save this type of file as compared to .psd file. If you want to get the flyer printed from a print shop then you should save file to PDF format.

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