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People of past times were known for their organized nature and due to this we can see so many things they have preserved. The pilots, divers and other people who worked in traveling used to have a log book. The importance of those books inspired this generation also.  A simple definition of a log is the systematic record of all the activities and the small events that occur in between.

A book that is used to mention all the important details related to your work which keeps you updated is commonly known as log book. It is the dairy where you mention about your work. These kinds of books were first used in shipping where they record the time they have taken and the distance covered. Also sometimes they record about the hurdles they have seen in the sea so it can be helpful for others.

When people are trained in fields where they can require log books they are instructed to mention every small detail and they are strictly guide to have a log book with them.

Diving Log Books:

The divers during driving are trained to build a habit of writing a log book. They are instructed to keep diving log books with them and to fill them after every dive. During diving it is important because most students calculate surface intervals and not decompression levels so it helps to avoid the risk. You can find the importance of a log book in a diver’s life. They have to have dive log book so they can write their diving experiences and how they felt. According to them it cost you almost nothing and is simple to carry as well.

Here is a Mileage Log Template that can help you in this very task.

mileage log template

Click here to download this Mileage Log Template

Here is another Vehicle Log Template created to help people manage their vehicle records.

vehicle log template

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Gym Log Book:

Not only divers and pilots, but the log book is now being used by bodybuilders as well. They are also instructed to keep one with them and to fill their log book after each session. The use these books to keep them updated about the exercises, the medicines they are taking and the weight they have lifted in each session.

Here is a good looking Food Nutrition Log Template created to help people.

food nutrition log template

Click here to download this Food Nutrition Log Template

It is very important in the life of a bodybuilder because it tells them about the changes they have developed in their body.

 Log Books for Pilots:

The log books were first introduced by the pilots is now being used by other professions, but we cannot deny that having a log book is extremely important in the case of pilot ship. The Pilots record every single detail which holds the information about the time interval, the distance covered, the fuel used and what they have seen. They also share their experience and how they feel after reaching to their destinations.

Today’s log books are bit advanced they hold certain other details such as the weather of the place, the complement of the crew and the ports docked at and when they are being docked.

Here is a good looking Ready Log Template for everyone.

Reading Log Template

Click here to download Book Ready Log Template.

The log books are now fill in computers and are much more advanced. These books are also used by military men to record legal details.


Various organizations and businesses make an expenses report that help them monitor the various expenses that the organization is incurring and analyzing whether or not they are spending too much on irrelevant things or are they not spending enough. Many companies along with an expenses report spend money and resources on drafting an expenses comparison report that helps them in further analysis about the expenses that have incurred over various time periods and making decisions accordingly. In order to make a good and effective expenses comparison report, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. Following these tips would not only save time, but also reduce the resources used to make the expenses comparison report.

Firstly, ensure that you have information about the years or time periods that you will be comparing expenses with and will be drafting the Expenses Comparison Report with. Having proper and the correct expenses will help in drafting an Expenses Comparison Report that is both effective and will help the organization in the long run. Next make sure that you hire a consultant or an accountant that has the know-how and has prior experience in making an Expenses Comparison Report. Many organizations to play it safe, hire more than one accountant to eradicate and decrease any chances of error. An error might have consequences that are dire and can cost the organization a lot. Make sure that the organization makes use of computer software that will help in drafting the Expenses Comparison Report and will format it according to the regulations and the requirements of the government and the finance department. A handy tip is that when an accountant is drafting an Expenses Comparison Report, it is best if he/she makes use of various colored pens to differentiate between the years or the time periods that are to be compared. Black and blue pens are standard and avoid using red pens since they indicate losses. Make use of greens and other colors to avoid discrepancies. Just make sure that the Expenses Comparison Report doesn’t look like a coloring book and isn’t too colorful to be understood. When printing the Expenses Comparison Report, it is best that a colored printout be taken so everything, every color and every detail comes in clear and not messy. Make sure that the total and grand total sections be written by using different colored pens as they both are very different totals. Many organizations and accountants don’t leave a space for notes which is very wrong! Leaving space for note writing can help both the accountant and the organization in understanding the Expenses Comparison Report in a better manner and will be come in handy when the organization needs to make decisions regarding expenses. Make sure there is space on each and every side to write any little tidbit. It also gives the whole Expenses Comparison Report a neat and organized look. Avoid using any material which is unfamiliar as it can jeopardize the whole report.

Here is a good looking Hospital Comparison Analysis Template created using MS Excel.

hospital comparison sheet

Click here to download Hospital Comparison Analysis Template from

Here is a good looking Auto Expense Report Template created using MS Excel.

auto expense report

Click here to download Auto Expense Report Template

Here is another good looking but simple and Short Expense Report Template.

short expense report template

Click here to download Short Expense Report Template

Salary Slips are the financial document issued by an employer to an employee to show the details and the calculations of his/her wages or salaries on a specified time duration. A Salary Slip can contain a lot of details that make it look a bit cumbersome. Depending on the design used, this obstacle will be quickly overcome after a careful study and the financial details will become clear and easily understood by the recipient. So, Salary Slip Formats which are particularly set out in such a way to ensure an employee has little or no problems in understanding the content will aid better appreciation of the details in no time.

Though, there are so many Salary Slip Formats and designs used by different organizations, to suit the items included and conform to the status of their brands, there are basic components that are universal to all Salary Slip Designs. For instance, a Salary Slip must contain the names of both parties – the employer and the employee. It must include the date of issuance and the period covered by the Salary Slips. It must show all the payment accruing to the employee and the corresponding deductions as well as the total amount deducted and the total net payment to the employees. It will be included without neatly arranged demarcation meant to keep the work neat and easy to understand.

Here is a good looking Salary Slip Template created using MS Word.

salary slip template

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Here goes another good looking Salary Slip Template also known as Pay Slip Template created using MS Word too.

pay slip template

Click here to download this Pay Slip Template from

So, whichever Salary Slip Format an employer decides to adopt, it must be able to accommodate all these generic elements and be simple for the employees to understand. Failure to adopt a simple Salary Slip Format will give the management a tough time trying to clear employees’ doubts after every payment. But should a Salary Slip Design be colorful? Can it remain in black & white despite the fact that every document is getting branded in the corporate world? There are no straight answers to these questions. Let us consider them one by one.

First, it is better to have a simple Salary Slip Design that does not use too many colors. This will ensure that the items in the Salary Slip are easy to see and confirmed by the employees who are the recipients. Also, it will help to keep the Salary Slip Design simple and professional. However, there can also be a use of simple colors that can easily blend into one another and comply with the brand outlook of the company thereby ensuring that professionalism and elegance are maintained while the Salary Slip can still stand among the rest.

Here is another good Salary Slip Template that allows your print multiple copies on single page. Simple yet Effective way of getting salary slips on paper back.

salary slips

Click here to download it from OpenOffice

Here is another good source of Salary Slip Samples created as a PDF File.

salary slips pdf

Click here to download Salary Slip Templates in PDF Format

Finally, it is almost impossible to prohibit the use of several colors if an organization is using electronic Salary Slips. With the use of electronic versions of Salary Slips, the design will be definitely colorful and dynamic. This however, doesn’t preclude the need for simplicity and clarity. Though, a document in colorful design does not stop it from being clear and simple. So, whichever Salary Slip Formats and designs you choose, just ensure that you maintain clarity and give them the layout that will make them easily to handle for employees.

Here is another good looking Salary Slip Template created using MS Word.

salary slip ms word

Click here to download this Salary Slip Template

Here is another good looking Salary Slip Format created using MS Word.

paycheck stub template 01

Click here to download this Salary Slip Format

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