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When it is your child’s first birthday then it demands to be celebrated with full pleasure. It is exciting for not only parents of your child but also for whole family. Everyone demands a big party to make this moment memorable. Parents of the child organize a huge party on this occasion. All friends and family members are invited on this occasion. As you are now planning to celebrate the first birthday party of your child and you want to invite several people on it. It is the time to invite people with proper invitation card or letter. For this   purpose, you should be able to know how to write an invitation letter.

While inviting people through invitation letter, first of all you have to decide what kind of invitation card you want to design. The invitation card on child’s birthday may vary from person to person. Some people like cards with cartoons pictures while some like to have traditional invitation cards. Whatever card style you choose for invitation, keep that in mind that the card should reflect that it has been designed for a child’s birthday.

Always use the simple language on the card. The card can be simple but it should reflect the birthday of the child. You can add some sort of humour on card but humour should also be in accordance with your child’s birthday. Some people also add childish rhymes on the card to make it look more beautiful. Always remember that whatever wording you choose for your card, it should compliment to your card.

There are different styles of cards which are available on the internet. You can print those cards for your child’s birthday party and if you do not like anyone of them then you can customize cards of your own choice.

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Click Here to Download this Birthday Flyer

There are some basic things which serve as the most important elements of an invitation card. Such things are very important to be included in the card. The first thing which is the most important is the name of the host as well as the name of the baby whose first birthday is going to be celebrated. You can write any poem on the card which shows your love for your child.

1st Birthday Party Flyer Template

Click Here to Download this 1st Birthday Flyer Design

Also mention the birth date of your child in prominent font so that the recipient can know the day when the birthday is going to be celebrated although it will be written in card separately but still its good to mention the birth date as people can remember your child’s birthday.

Also add the location where you want your guest to come. The address of location, your phone number email address etc should be mentioned in the invitation card. You can also add the name of other people on the card who will be looking forward for your guests.

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Click here to download this Birthday Flyer from Microsoft

If there is any instruction related to the party, it should also be written in the card. Write the name of the recipient with your hands so that he can feel importance.


A Project Plan Template is handy tool for Project Managers to keep. It helps them to keep their project on track and measure its performance as compared to original plan. A comprehensive Project Plan guarantees success of your project if you executed it perfectly. Remember, you can’t manage large projects without having a proper project plan to follow.

I have collected several good quality Project Plan Templates for your quick help. Some of them are prepared using MS Word, MS Excel and MS Project. You can also convert them easily into PDF format by saving it as PDF.

Free Project Plan Templates

Here is my collection of these Free Project Plan Templates that can also be used for writing Business Plans.

Business Plan Template OO

Click here to download this Project Plan Template

Here are some Project Plan Templates created using MS Excel by

Excel Project Plan Template 03

Click here to download this Project Plan Template in MS Excel.


Excel Project Plan Template 02

Another Project Plan Template in MS Excel

Here is another Project Plan Template using MS Word.

Project Plan Template DOC


Download this Project Plan Template in MS Word

Check out this wonderful Project Plan Template by SmartSheets.


Click here to download this Project Plan Template

Yet another Porject Plan Template with Gantt Chart by Vertex42.


Click here to download this Project Plan Template

CDC also provide a good looking Project Plan Template to help you prepare your own project plan easily. Check it out here.

Project Plan Template CDC

Click here to download this Project Plan Template

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