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So finally, you have decided to start drafting your own Business Plan or Executive Summary of Business Plan?

Congratulations! That’s the very first action to figuring off how your business is going to generate income. It enables you to plan as how to achieve a status where you can fulfill your financial needs with perfection. A Smooth and Reliable Income is the know positive signal from any Business that you recently started.

Next you have the challenge of improving this management summary that sum up everything involving your business. The truth is, some people might not really read your company plan if they can’t get past the summarized version of your ideal business. Heck, they might perhaps not really read any more as compared to very first couple of paragraphs if this does not catch their particular attention or cause all of them to at least get curious.

The questions we ask from ourselves are: Do we write the administrator summary first before diving into writing the whole business strategy? Or do I write it after that? Exactly what do I put in the manager summary? Exactly how long should it be and exactly how much information should I expose? Let’s appear at this together, shall we?

Importance of Executive Summary

The most vital thing to understand is the fact that the executive summary is basically its very own stand-alone document. Hence it should be a complete and cohesive story of your business. Don’t consider it just the business plan and also not only a “short version” for the business strategy.

In my experience, the executive summary should be treated like a sales tool, a pamphlet if you will, that you’d hand off to potential customers in a shop. It ought to be so good and irresistible that any person would combat only to review a boring 30-50 page document (aka “the company program”). It ought to be therefore great that readers would spend to get proof for the wonderful things you will be saying.

You would probably get to the point quite rapidly and merely expose the highlights which you know would peak their particular attention. And you would probably seem pretty excited about it. And there re!! That’s the tone of your manager summary. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t attempt to show down. Play it straight. Sound self-confident and excited about the chance. Get to the point quickly. Stay authentic to your own “voice”. State just a few, extremely crucial realities and figures and wrap up quickly.


It converts off the government summary isn’t that daunting and tough to create most likely. Quite the contrary: you ought to have fun doing it, as this had been all your valuable exhilaration and wisdom will likely to be channeled into a couple of really convincing sentences that tell a tale any person would want to share and be part of. If it gets readers excited, you win!

Free Executive Summary Templates

Here are some very useful free Executive Summary Templates to share with you that can enable our draft a professional summary very quickly.

Executive Summary Template 01

Download this Executive Summary Template 01


Executive Summary Template 02

Download this Executive Summary Template 02

Executive Summary Template 03

Download this Executive Summary Template 03

Executive Summary Template 04

Download this Executive Summary Template 04

Executive Summary Template 05

Download this Executive Summary Template 05

You can also download 31+ Free Executive Summary Templates online to explore more different choices. Studying more and more free templates help you grasp its insight in a better way. Hence you can always come up with a better and professional document in minutes.




Mission statement and vision statement are two different words that show company’s clear direction. Both these words are chosen by successful leaders to clearly and concisely convey the direction of organization. One can powerfully communicate his intentions and motivate his team or organization to realize an attractive and inspiring common vision of future for success.

With the help of comprehensible mission statement you are able to commune your company goal and encourage your employees to understand the future vision of the company. Mission Statement identifies the purpose and prime objectives of company. Its key function is to determine the measures of organization’s success and its primary spectators are stockholders and leadership team.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a company’s enunciation to its customers, employees and entire world of the purpose of its existence. Mission statements usually comprise purpose statement, business statement and a clue of company’s values. Purpose statement utters the purpose of company. Business statement describes how business will manufacture its products. Value statement talks about common values shared throughout the company and how these common values contribute to final product.

Following steps are involved in formatting the mission statement

  1. For the creation of mission statement, first of all you have to make out your organization’s winning idea. That is the way to make your organization better from the competitors, and this will be one of the reasons for the customers to use your product rather than products of your competitors.
  2. Next define the basics measures of your accomplishment.  While deciding the measures, pick the most important one and avoid select too many.
  3. Mingle your winning idea and accomplishment measures into a physical and accessible goal.
  4. Purify the words until you get brief and defined statement of your mission that articulates your thoughts, measures and desired outcome.

If you want to download Mission Statements in PDF Format, then visit website and you will find bunch of choices.

Preparing a Mission Statement is critical for the success of any company and hence it is a must have document. Give necessary time and review existing Mission Statement Samples before finalizing your own version.

Today we will discuss making a web page header in GIMP. You can easily use GIMP to create web page headers in different structures either simple or multi-layered. Let’s have a look on some simple steps involved in making web page header in GIMP:

  • Select File and then New to create a new workbook. You will see a pop-up box appeared in front of you named Create a New Image. This will allow you entering settings which you like to add. Size of a typical header is between 700 and 900 pixels wide. And as far as height is concerned, it is 75-200 pixels. To set X and Y resolutions to 100 pixels per inch, click on plus sign icon so that it may reveal Advanced Options.
  • You can color background of web page header by using Bucket Fill Tool. This option will be available in main toolbar and will help you filling entire background. To beautify the header, you can insert a picture or design either.  If you want to insert a ready-made graphic, you can select File and Open as Layers to locate desired file. After selecting the image, click Open.
  • Now it’s time to add text. For this, click on Text Tool in main toolbar. Click on web page header where you want to insert text and then type your content. All types of text settings will be appeared on toolbar which will help you choosing font size, font style and font color. Sometimes you may want to add a large title along with a smaller subtitle. For this, insert two text boxes so that each line can be customized separately.
  • Now you will want to position all the elements. For doing this, you will use Move Tool which exists in main toolbar. Select Windows and then Dockable Dialogs and then Layers to view Layers dialog. Select thumbnail of a layer which you want to move in Layers window. Now click on image and use keyboard arrow keys to move text or images making sure that Move Tool is selected.
  • After doing all this, you will save your work using picture file extension which will be supported by your web page such as .png or .jpg. You can also save file by using GIMP workbook extension .xcf so that you can edit your file in future if needed.

This is a simple process of making a web page header in GIMP. Hopefully you will find it easy to follow.

Here is video tutorial that can help you get started with GIMP Much quickly.


When the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence neglected to submit its Annual Report because of the Illinois Secretary of State and was eventually declared “Involuntarily Dissolved” by the Secretary of State, another company The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) examined the condition of the name associated with the former company and was told it was ‘Available’ to be used. So the ISRA got the title for it self, the Chicago sunlight occasions reported May 23.

What Can Happen If I Do Not File an Annual Report

What Can Happen If I Do Not File an Annual Report

Officials associated with the former Illinois Council against Handgun Violence said a move two years ago led to the frustration surrounding the missed annual report filing. The group had updated its new target with a department inside the state, but had failed to formally inform the Secretary of State’s business service department. As an end result, the organization never got recognized notification from the Secretary of State reminding the company to register its State of Illinois Annual Report to stay in Good Standing.

Alison Barkley, attorney when it comes to brand-new council, said the move was legal and was made considering that the title much more accurately describes the mission associated with the brand-new group to enhance “accessibility of guns for self-defense.” The previous group features today lost its title.

Following are Guidelines for Timely Filing of Your Company’s yearly Reports:

  1. Contact each Corporation Division of every state for which the business is authorized to accomplish company on a yearly foundation to inquire about annual report requirements (i.e. some states need digital filings along with other states just accept paper returns), due times, along with various other essential modifications. Each state differs from the others and needs different filings from different sorts of entities.
  1. Begin the procedure 30 days before the due time. Offer yourself time for you coordinate with your Tax Department and/or your appropriate Department. Obtain the required Annual Report kinds since shortly once the state means they are readily available. Some says are instead easy and easy might not call for that much time. Various other states like Illinois will just take every bit of this time. – For help obtaining no-cost yearly Report forms call 877-275-2767.
  1. Be sure an Authorized Officer Signs the Annual Report.
  1. Forward a Signed Check Made Payable to the proper State division when it comes to precise amount (Include Any Penalties look at the target you will be giving the Annual Report.
  1. Maintain document content of this Annual Report.
  1. After publishing the Annual Report, contact the Secretary of State Corporation Department to verify that the filing was recognized. In some instances, you can easily visit their particular internet web site for verification.

A proposal letter is the approach of drafting a request to help you in looking at the process of preparing your own resources for a task, research on your own or on the behalf of a certain organization that provides you the fund for it. These proposal letters are made by even huge business companies and this being the instance, just how do you anticipate your proposal to be approved if no sample had been made first by means of a test suggestion page? You will have to check as many Sample Proposal Letters as you can in order to make yourself completely familiar with the layout.  Moreover, if you might think that it is a legitimate point, next proceed with the passages below and stay cautioned.

Drafting a Sample Proposal Letter – How to Guide

Drafting a Sample Proposal Letter – How to Guide

A proposal letter does not require you to be very exact given that whole purpose of this strategy is to make modifications and re-frame sentences to make it completely suitable for your project. The primary points to keep in mind while framing the trial page is that a standard collection of formats ought to be in your hand for your guide and you should be able to gather info that matches your needs. Other proposals might not be into the comparable wavelength of your requirements however you can determine the circulation associated with the winning proposals and make use of the tactics alone. Proposals which honor the organizations and its workers by carefully moving to the various other details will act as an ace into the pack of cards.

A standard proposal page should consist of a sample cover letter, sample cover web page, grants suggestions and all these ought to be done in the proper structure and sequence because you will be able to prepare the real grant proposal only when it comes to basis of the organization that you would like, after this. The test suggestion page can be ready by the two types of individuals; one type is a person or a group searching for resources for a task while the other is from a company or basis that wishes to start a test beneath the path of this government. We could decide the classification first and then effortlessly continue to another job.

In the business documents, the executive summary can be regarded as one of the most important documents. Every important and big decision in the business is included in executive summary. A decision making process cannot be completed without executive summary.

The summaries are prepared in accordance with the policies and rules of the company. Anything which deviates from the basic rules of the company is not added in the summary. Any budgetary changes which have been made in the previous year are also mentioned in the summary. In the start of summary, a recap is described. The recap is based on funs, responsibilities and on categories from the company. Other information which is related to the allocation of the budget is also considered to be the main part of the summary

The executive summary does not provide any information but it only helps in the decision making. The recommendations are provided by this summary. The summary is made by experts who are able to give the best recommendations to the company. All the recommendations should follow the rules and policies of the company. The recommendations largely depend on the nature of the company.

In order to prepare a best executive summary, you are required to describe your problem. Always be specific and try to include the measurements in a quantifiable manner. Always remember that the summary is never too long. It concludes the long documents of businesses including all the necessary information. It should also be described in the summary that if the problem of the business is solved successfully then what will be the outcomes of it. No details are required related to solution, only mention outcome. What can be the consequences of the solved problem or what if one solution fails to meet the demands of the company are also mentioned in the summary.

You can describe your solution in the summary which you have proposed to solve the problem. The proposal can be written in short paragraphs but it should also not be too detailed. Also write the outcomes of your proposed solution. Try to write your proposed solution in a very simple way. It should be clear and readable and there should not be any confusion in the document. The solution must be described shortly but it should be complete.

Another thing which is required to be explained in the summary is telling how you can overcome the risks associated to the solution. First of all, describe all the risks then propose the solution for all those risks. Use plain English and write all the risks and their solutions in paragraphs. Also make Request for the decisions that you want to be made in the company. Write your request in simple English very precisely. If you want a decision to be made by the company, then also mention the reasons for that decision. you can also recommend some solutions to the company in order to make it successful.

Here are a few useful Annual Budget Sheets available for Free Download across the Internet.

Annual Budget Template

Click Here to download this Free Annual Budget Sheet created using MS Excel.

Here is another good looking Company Business Budget Template.

Company Annual Budget Template

Click here to download Company Annual Budget Template

This same website offers another stunning Annual Budget Template created using MS Excel.


Click here to download this Company Annual Budget Template

Here is another good looking Quarterly Budget Analysis Sheet offered by


Click here to download this Quarterly Budget Analysis Sheet

Moreover, here comes another Free Business Budget Sheet available for free download.


Click here to download this Business Budget Sheet

Here is an Excel based Business Budget Calculator available for immediate download.


Click here to download this Business Budget Calculator

Letting or renting is a term used to give permission or opportunity to use the property of someone under specified conditions. This often needs an agreement between landlord and tenant which facilitates both the parties to cope with possible situations in future. Letting agreement make smooth the progress in letting process, it might be verbal or written according to the community or government laws. It specifies the rights of tenant and landlord identical, for instance, the tenant has right to use the property temporarily and landlord is entitled to receive the payment in exchange. A tenant and the landlord may consent definite features of the occupancy with these points being built-in in a letting agreement; making available that they do not go in opposition to the law. Both   tenants and landlords have certain obligations and privileges as specified by the Housing Act; a letting agreement may put forward both parties supplementary  privileges over and above any legal rights, but the agreement may not give a tenant less than their legal privileges. Should any term in a tenancy agreement provide either party with less than their constitutional rights, then that term will not be enforceable. These must be considered vital information for running a small scale business by your own.

Letting agreement may be one to one or number of tenants may be more then one, in such a case every tenant must have a copy of letting agreement. By law a landlord is compelled to provide their name and address to their tenant, regardless of that whether or not they have written agreement. A regular letting agreement ought to include these points.

  • The date the letting started.
  • The landlord’s name and the address.
  • The address of the property   being letting out.
  • What services the property-owner is providing.
  • Particulars of any other folks who are authorized to live in the property.
  • The duration of the tenancy and the date that it will run out on.
  • The amount of rental fee that is to be compensated, frequency and the date it should be paid on.
  • Details of when the rent can be reviewed.
  • What else the letting payment incorporates, for example, water rates or council tax.
  • The period   of notice required from either side if they wish the tenancy to come to an end.

Letting agreement ought to be required to elaborate all the points obviously and comprehensively for the tenant in case of any impairment of tenant arrangements ought to be made agreement readable for the tenant such as if tenant has visual impairment agreement must be prepared in brail to make it readable for a blind person. Agreement can also be signed by evident persons to make it more effective and legally sound for both parties. Tenants must keep a copy of agreement for their own safety. Agreement should be observed and signed vigilantly to avoid any misconduct during the letting period. Evacuating conditions necessarily be discussed and set before signing the agreement which will be much favorable for the smooth course of relation.

Business letters consist on different type of letter. Cover letter comes in business letter. Marketing letter can also call cover letter. All letters are written according to the same rule. They consist on:

  1. Header of the Letter
  2. Body of the Letter
  3. Footer of the Letter

Business letters should be on letter head pad that include company name and company logo. Here is a marketing business letter. You can download it in Microsoft Word and utilize it just mention your name, company name and recipients data.

Download Template

We all know that printed brochures are used for advertising and marketing of different products and services but now it is era of internet and books, magazines and even brochures are published electronically. Yes!!! E-brochures are becoming very popular these days. Do you also want to make an e-brochure for promoting your products and services? If yes then you should not worry because I am going to share with you some simple steps for creating e-brochures:

  • Firstly you will have to decide which desktop publishing software you want to use for making brochures. You can use MS Word to create e-brochures as you can find a number of templates for making attractive brochures. You can also use Microsoft Publisher as a desktop publishing program.
  • Now open brochure template which you think suitable for your needs. Make necessary changes in template like you can change text and graphics according to your liking.
  • Amend your brochure template. You can easily do that by deleting the text of template and replacing your own text. If you want to delete template text, all you need to do is to select the text in the text box and then delete it. And for replacing picture in your brochure template, select template graphic box, use Insert menu and select Picture. This process will replace the template graphic with your own picture which you want to see in your e-brochure.
  • When doing modifications and amendments, keep in mind not to add too many pictures and graphics. I will also recommend you not to change the font size and style because it may happen that you may add some font style that may not b easy to read and understand.
  • After doing all that, save e-brochures as PDF file. It is Adobe’s Portable Document Format and it is easy to read with Adobe’s free reader. So it proves to be the best format for distribution of e-brochures. If you are using software that is not capable of writing to PDF, then don’t worry as you can use online services for saving your file as PDF file.

These were some important steps regarding creating an e-brochure. Follow these and have an attractive and appealing brochure for promoting your business.

Alignment can be defined as arrangements of elements in relation to each other in a way that may appeal the viewer. On a page or web page, objects like images and text can be aligned with relation to each other or the page. Purpose of alignment is to create a less chaotic effect and to make your work organized. In other words, alignment helps readers in understanding the relationships of objects on a web page. Alignment is very important but it sometimes becomes invisible. Most of the readers do not notice whether everything is lined up or not but if alignment is not done, they will definitely feel that things are out of place.

Types of Alignment

To create a pleasing and attractive layout, several types of alignment work together. Types of alignment are given below:

Horizontal Alignment

 A type of alignment in which left and right margins are equal is called horizontal alignment. Horizontal alignment can be applied across the page or within the columns.

Vertical Alignment

When top and bottom margins are equal visually and exactly, it is said to be vertical alignment. It can be applied on full page or within some portions of a page.

Edge Alignment

In edge alignment, objects and text are lined up along their left, right, top or bottom edges.

Center Alignment

This alignment may be either horizontally or vertically or both.

Optical Alignment

Optical alignment is also known as visual alignment. In this type of alignment, objects are not actually aligned precisely but they appeared to be lined up. This type of alignment is used to solve problems occurring with other types of alignment. Problems occur because of difference in shapes of graphics and letters.

Use of Alignment

Alignment is an important element of graphic designing because absence of alignment creates a chaos and slack look. But a designer must be very careful while using alignment in graphic designing. Different alignments should not be mixed with each other as they become unable to produce desired effect. Moreover alignment should be broken after it serves its purpose. Here I mean when alignment draws attention towards a specific element of page, it serves its purpose. Alignments are required to be quite neat in a graphic design so that they can distract readers’ attention and at the same time give a professional look.

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