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Banner designing is crucial part of website designing and you may have seen lots of websites having banner of advertisement and other promotions. Main purpose of adding banner in website design is to advertise the things. But proper size and adjustment of website banner is key point that you must consider while designing website banner. Here we will discuss some standard sizes of website banners and techniques for website banner.

Standard Banner Sizes

Here are some sizes of website banners that are frequently used in website designing:

Full Banner – 468×60 Skyscraper – 120×600
Half Banner – 234×60 Square Button – 125×125
Vertical Banner – 120×240 Micro Button – 88×31
Button 1 – 120×90 Button 2 – 120×60
Square – 250×250 Wide Skyscraper – 160×600

  • It is said by web designers that designing banner has no sense and do nothing for your website unless they are created for target market. You must focus on target audience while designing website banners. You must consider what your visitors are looking for and what should be proper theme of website banner.
  • Location for banner on website is a critical part and you should select most appropriate location for including website banner. Putting website banners on top of webpage is considered best of all. Main thing is testing the working of website banner after locating it. Banner can be located in the bottom of web page or left or right side of web page.
  • Animation is another thing that can make website banner more eye-catching. Animations play key role in grabbing attention of visitors on web page. Moving graphics, blinking texts and flash applications should be applied to entertain visitors on your web page.
  • Banner must be designed with a convincing statement about what you want to offer through banner designing. When visitors will find attractive words on banner, they will surely go for finding the story behind these words and statements. Words like sales, free gift, coupon and hot deals can be very appealing for visitors and they will help you increasing traffic on your website.
  • You must add new and fresh banners in your website. This is important because regular visitors get bored to view old banners on your website. Adding new ones can be a best idea to grab attention of visitors and increase traffic.
  • After adding banner, you must keep regular check and testing to make them informative and effective for visitors. Having extravagant banner on your website can lose even your regular visitors.

Preparing graphic designing portfolio is of greater importance for acquiring new clients. It becomes more important for designers who don’t have time to advertise their design work through online marketing and search engines. They must upload their profile for their own advertisement. Here are some tips for you to make your portfolio client friendly and you will surely get more traffic and money by updating your portfolio. Just remember these tips are for those who want to advertise their design work online.

Online graphic design portfolio tips:

  1. Creating one page portfolio is an approved method of online marketing of design work. One page Portfolio keeps clients more convenient in viewing your design work from top to bottom of page of your website. How you convince clients to have work with you or buy from you totally depends on your contents and placement of design work elements. One page portfolio is always given much importance by clients.
  2. Keep your portfolio up-to-date with adding your new design projects. Most of bloggers find design features from contents of design portfolio and they also check whether you have updated your portfolio or not. You must also submit your new design projects to design galleries that will surely help you increasing traffic and potential clients.
  3. Take multiple print photos of your design work because it can give you an edge of grooming as graphic designer. Design work appears more realistically when it brings into printed form. The best way of this is to take some extra print outs of your design work when you accomplish it for your clients. Make it sure that printed photos are crisp and taken in good lighting effects with appealing backgrounds.
  4. For updating your online portfolio, you must provide clients with live demo of your design work. Design projects become more sophisticated when they are displayed in action. You may have seen HTML themes and wordpress themes in different websites; they provide demo links for client’s convenience.
  5. When you design your portfolio, make sure that contact information is easy to read and find. You are preparing portfolio to get client’s attraction to your design work. If you don’t put contact information in right manner, how you can find quick response from clients. Prefer to put contact information on header or footer section of your portfolio.
  6. Offer multiple sources of contacts to clients because everyone has different level of comforts for contacting you. Some feel convenience in e-mail messaging or some may fid it more reliable to contact you through instant messaging or phone calls. So you must keep clients convenient by providing them different ways to be in touch with you.
  7. Your experience is big part of building client’s trust on you. So you should show customer testimonials or previous clients information in your portfolio. Through it potential clients will understand what type of design projects you have completed with which customers.

Follow the tips given above and create more handsome, effective and updated design portfolio.


In graphic design work, grid system is used to adjust contents in web page. Combination of margins, guides, rows and columns is used for this purpose. One grid or collection of grids is used for consistent look of web page. In finished web design work, grids don’t show on web page but it helps successfully creating web page layout and printing. It is commonly seen in newspaper and magazines that text is displayed in form of columns and images. Main purpose of using grids is to make better use of space you have on web page not to fill the space extravagantly.

Common types of grid system include two of equally sized, three and four column grids with header on the top and full page grid of squares. Using these types of grids will help creating unique layout of webpage of building clocks, variations in column widths, borders, page size and other layout related features of web page. When graphic or web design work is started, grids must be used to position different elements of web page layout.

It is up to designer when and how to break out the grids when they are established on web page. Breaking out of grids helps creating more interesting layout of a web page.  Grids can be used to cross over different elements like column to column, extending the end of page or extend to adjacent page.

Here are some tips for you to create different design elements on web page using grids:

  • Simpler grid of 1-3 units can be used for lots of text with few graphics on web page.
  • Smaller units of grids are required for designing of brochures, magazines and newsletter. Newsletters and brochures require more text thus 1, 2 and 3 column grids are considered best for such type of designing and layout. Each of them can accommodate long text articles.
  • 4 column grids offer more flexibility in creating layout of web page with long text, graphics and other elements of short and long articles.
  • Use open grid units to leave white space on your web page because leaving white space is essential for an effective and readable web interface.

Preparing or designing website has become very essential because it is important marketing tool. Internet marketing has changed the face of business world and adds lots of economic benefits to organizations that are using internet marketing tools. It does not matter you are in business of selling widgets, soliciting volunteers or building your own brand awareness. Website designing can reap tremendous benefits to your time and money. You may well aware about need of effectively prepared website for successful internet marketing but you don’t know how to get your website well prepared and creatively designed.

Don’t worry web designing companies and individuals are offering their services in this regard. They know better use of web design languages and software and they can better prepare an effective website that you need for your business. It depends on you how you select right web design Company to assist you. Before going to web designers you first need to set your goals about web designing. Web designers will surely ask some questions to you and these questions may include:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How you will target people find your website?
  • How will you update your website?
  • What is your timeline?

You will need to answer the questions given above for hiring services of professional web designers. You also need to consider some questions to ask to web designers before hiring their web design services.

  • You must consider does the company’s portfolio represent the design work quality that you want for your website.
  • Can they do design work from playful to creative end?
  • Can they prepare easy to use websites?
  • Do they consider broken links, bugs and design issues?

A web design company must be responsive to client’s queries about web site design requirements and work accomplished by them. You must consider the company’s repute before handing over them project of your design work. You should consider the company that offers guarantees for their services of design work. Web design Company must have design testing process before displaying design work to clients. You must be very careful in setting terms and conditions with web design Company. You should also compare services of different companies before taking their design services.

Fast loading time is sign of quality and effective websites. When web designers prepare websites, they must focus on adding such element in web page designing that can increase loading time of web page. It is necessary because visitors that come to scan website are time savvy and don’t wait for hours for downloading. In this regard, page should not take long time to download. Websites that offer fast loading time are considered best. Web designers must follow these tips to provide websites that offer fast loading time with all other perfections of design work on websites.

  1. HTML code for website must be optimized. Basically errors on your website cause slow lading time. Make sure that your website does not have broken tags and links on it. Website should be error free for providing fast loading time to visitors.
  2. Maximize content area on your website. Large content area not only increases loading time but also enhance the readability of website.
  3. Images, flashes and scripts are main causes for slow downloading time. Avoid using too much graphics, flashes and scripts for fast downloading speed. Try to use background fillings and colors instead of using heavy images.
  4. Also optimize all heavy files that you interlinked with different tags and scripts. Use light weight fireworks and flash to increase load time of web page. Websites like Google or yahoo offer fast downloading time and this is main reason they are designed using optimized files.
  5. Try to be simple in designing your web page. Complicated design elements slow load time of web page.
  6. Avoid using unnecessary coding of languages that are used to prepare web pages. Be relevant in coding at the backend of web page. Heavy coding is a reason of slow loading time of website.
  7. Minimize length of webpage. Extra large web pages don’t allow reasonably fast loading time to users.
  8. Websites are prepared using different buttons interlinked with other web pages. They actually reduce loading time of website. Text links should be used instead of graphical buttons.
  9. Server Side Include files are also reason for increasing loading time because they load faster.

10.  If you want to provide fast loading time to users, you should add div tags for table presentation on web pages. Making changes in tabular design is also convenient in case of using div tags and they also increase loading time.


HTML is coding language that is based on tags. It is also called tagged language and is basic building-block for webpage developers. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML language is written in angle brackets that are called tags. HTML tags are used in pairs as starting and ending tag. They are also called opening and closing tags. Starting tag is written like <h1> and ending tag is written like </h1>. All design features of a web page or website are designed using HTML tags. Webpage heading is most prominent feature of website and it must be prepared in way to be viewed easily. Webpage heading is also connected with other links for navigation. Here we will give some tips to prepare heading of webpage using HTML tags.

HTML offers six heading tags from <h1> to </h6>. Web page heading must contain all important keywords and phrases to get more traffic on the website. You can create webpage heading by following:

  • Use starting and closing heading tags like <h6></h6>. It depends on you how bigger sizes of webpage heading you want to create on webpage.
  • In between starting and closing tags of heading, mention font style, size, color and other variations of font that you want to accomplish.
  • Remember all the instructions would be written between starting and ending tags of heading tags.
  • After checking the results of your coding on web browser, you can bring necessary changes in instructions of font size, font style and others.
  • Font size, style and other text texture can be modified using cascading style sheets.
  • You can add text texture like bold, italic, underlined and many others giving instructions between starting and ending tags of HTML.

Using HTML is a simple way for web page designing and you can create web page heading according to instruction given above.


Users who are aware of website design requirements judge websites by its layout and contents. Layout of website is very important to bring more traffic and appeal visitors to come back again and again for scanning information. Website design is not one time activity and web designers must be very creative. However followings are the points that must be considered while designing website:

  1. Website should be designed in a simple way because it seems user friendly. Avoid creating complicated navigation links. Images and scripts used for creating links should be correctly viewable on webpage. Also avoid using bulky images to put on webpage because it takes long time to load. Use smaller icons to attract users on your website.
  2. Font size should be readable and professional looking font style should be used like Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif. Fancy fonts should be avoided using for website contents. Spacing between words should be appropriate.
  3. Choice for font color depicts the personal taste of web designer. Every web designer wants to put colors that he likes personally. Web designers should get feedback of their co-workers and friends about how your selected colors feel on web page interface. Using web safe colors is also another good option.
  4. Webpage dimensions are also very important and must be keeping on track. Try to avoid using scroll bar while setting the page layout of website. Length and width of webpage must be limited to computer screen. Provide navigational links to move on next or previous page.
  5. Use best background for web page creation so that images and other contents contrast with color scheme of background. Websites should be easy to read and navigate.
  6. Keep checking broken links to update and maintain website for user’s convenience.

These are general tips and tricks that should be followed to create most convenient webpage regarding reading and viewing.


All businessmen and entrepreneurs should understand the power of logo to be used for business title and name. Logo designing has become very important when graphic designers work for business. Graphic designers focus on preparing more conceptual and clever logos for businesses conveying the nature of business. Clever graphic design tricks are used to create unique designs of logos. A logo is perfect that looks very simple but conveys a hidden message from business. Here I have compiled pictures of some logos that convey hidden messages and people can clearly understand the nature or title of business viewing them. You can say them meaningful logo that is ultimate requirements of logo design.

Here is a list of logo names in the same order as logo pictures are given below:

  • Body wisdom
  • ED logo
  • Eight logo
  • Fedex
  • Forkwire
  • Fuga
  • Heartbeats
  • Horror film
  • Hartfird whalers
  • Zip
  • Google

To become a successful design master, you must first master the pen tool. Pen tool is one of most important design tools that are used while working in Photoshop and illustrator. Pen tool allows you all types of design facilities including creating, removing and tweaking curves and points. I also work as designer and most of the time use pen tool to create unique variations in curves. I want to share two important techniques for using pen tool.

The first technique I am going to share with you works best in Photoshop when you have to create a clipping path or cut out an image. Follow the following steps to use this technique of pen tool:

  1. Add a plain and starting point before the curve. Don’t drag out Bezier handles.
  2. Add a point at the end of curve. Leave a straight line between both the points. Avoid dragging out Bezier handles.
  3. Add a point over the straight path line half along. In Photoshop, you can do so automatically but Illustrator does not offer this facility.
  4. Hold CTRL key to switch the pen tool to direct selection. Drag new point in the same position to draw new curve.
  5. To match the curves to original image, hold CTRL key and drag Bezier handle into position.
  6. Return to the starting point curve to complete the path. Small circle would be shown on design interface and you will find the path closed.

Second technique of using pen tool is more suitable for drawing different shapes. But the process is slightly different in Photoshop and Illustrator. Followings are the steps to use this technique:

  1. Click and drag a point to create curve.
  2. Add second point to create curved line by clicking and dragging Bezier handle. Move the handle around before releasing mouse.
  3. Single click in case of using Illustrator and ALT+click in case of using Photoshop the end point of curve to remove the Bezier handle. If your line is going straight, you don’t need to do this.
  4. Return to the start point for completing the path.

By following these techniques you can create unique drawing images in your design interface.

We can help you in increasing internet traffic if your website is not getting results. Following list of online promotion tools is prepared after brain storming efforts. Following are tools, tips and resources to grow your online business. Preparing this list is similar to separating wheat from chaff.

Affiliate programs: Reseller programs can increase traffic on your website and can explode what you are selling online.

Automate your business: Increase in selling products, cutting costs, improving customer services and free are the ways to automate your online business in the best way. Using this strategy you will be able to lead your online business on heights of success.

Domain names: Get best registration of URL of your website. Having domain names is the best way to get place in internet community.

E Books: Using E Books is the best way to promote your products and services that you offer online. You can generate more revenue and increase site traffic.

Email marketing: Learn better use of emails to promote your products and services online.

Forums: Forums are best place to discuss issues of internet community including website promotion, internet marketing, generating online revenue and others. You can better increase site promotion through using signature postings on forums.

Newsletters: Online newsletters are the best way to keep your site up to date. Make use of posting useful tips for internet marketing and site promotion.

Search engine submission: writing articles on related issues of internet marketing and website promotion and submitting these articles on your website can be a best way to increase traffic on your website because most of the people come to web for scanning useful information.

Webhosting: Webhosting is another way to promote your site and get place in internet community.

These are most effective tools to get promoted online with your products and services.


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