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You need to understand the difference between a resume and curriculum vitae (CV) before selecting a resume template. Normally, You use a Curriculum vitae or CV to apply for an academic education position. However people use a resume to apply for a job opening. Job seekers shall always look for a resume template rather than a CV template.

Always select a resume template that matches your work experience and not the work profile. After selecting the right resume template from free resume templates online, be careful to search and delete Placeholder Text and graphics or logos.  The recruiters might have received resumes based upon same resume template. So its unavoidable to make it look different than just a cookie cutter resume. Therefore it is critical to alter the resume template so that it looks different among others.

There are many websites offering free resume template without any watermarks or logos in them. You shall choose the best one among them to download for further editing. Selecting a right resume template is the key to draft your perfect resume with the precise information related to that job opening.

Resume Format  or Layout

Resume Format is refer to as the layout or order of information in your resume. There are several websites online that feature resume formats as IT, BPO, Manufacturing and more. Every resume format is full of the same set of information but in different layout. It does not count if you are using a ready-made resume template, what matters more is your resume format. If the template is not in a suitable format there is no value of using it.

Resume Writing Guidelines

Walk through these resume writing guidelines before starting editing your first resume. You can easily prepare a compelling resume by following these guidelines to make your resume a qualified profile for the advertised job. Following information will help you to write your resume like a professional.

Career Objectives

You can start editing your resume template by writing a career objective. It is the most basic element on a professional resume format. If you have good work experience then you can pay less attention to this section however if you are fresher, give it full attention. The core purpose of writing a career objective is to explain the candidates focus on the job applied for.

Experience Summary

Then comes an important section where the most of the recruiters will spend most of their time. The experience summary list down your key experiences along with its short details such as Designation, Work Period and Organization Name. While you need to write down important past work details, try not to make it look like a documentary rather just brief the work experience with roles and responsibilities. Also don’t forget to mention the key achievements specially related to the job you are applying for.

Education Details

Enlist your Education details in an inverted pyramid style where the highest or most recent qualification must be mentioned first. You can also specify other qualifications like computer courses, languages or other valuable curriculum relevant to the position applied for. Awards and merits earned during graduation will definitely put on usefulness to the resume.

Extracurricular and Hobbies

Extracurricular activities and other interests can also add extra value to your professional resume if used appropriately. Don’t mention time wasting hobbies like watching movies or listening to music. Sometimes It is better to leave the resume without mentioning hobbies rather than specifying negative hobbies.

Personal Details

You shall input your personal profile that includes the candidate name, age and gender which is more suffice for the recruiter to understand the candidates esteem. You can also mention father name, religion or blood group, contact details such as email address and cell phone number.

Other implications

Carefully study the advertisement posted for the job opening before starting writing your resume. Try to use same keywords used in the advertisement to make it relevant to job posting. Always use Serif fonts for the heading and sans serif font on the content for modern look. The “verdana” font is mostly preferred on the content with a font size of 10. If you maintain a descent LinkedIn profile do not hesitate to mention your profile url in your email note while forwarding your resume to the HR professional.



There are numerous companies that never see an autumn. Construction sector is certainly one such market. Individuals live in houses and this provides rise to building of structures, row houses, etc. When it comes to buying a home or constructing a home, folks have actually huge demands, in addition they also opt for professional manufacturers to get their homes created. This might be accomplished by architects. The architects are experts that are trained in construction building. They design buildings, alterations and extensions. They additionally assist in renovation and repair the old infrastructure. A designer is hence a person with a great imagination power and excellent drawing skills that assists in writing by portraying the design tips inside the brain.

Architect Resume – Writing Tips

Architect Resume – Writing Tips

Architects have actually a beneficial magnitude. They may be able to work independently or be a component of some big construction group. The architect’s design big schemes, personal homes along with this when it comes down to repair and remodeling of monuments a particular part of architects focus on it. This might be therefore a field, which has huge exposure and scope. As like various other streams, obtaining a job in this area will also need a resume. A designer application is similar to any kind of professional application. However, something that differentiates this application from other people is the design profile affixed with it. Some architects make it a point to affix a design portfolio. Simply because the architect’s capacity evaluation is based on his/her designs.

The qualification and certificates are additional because having good degrees rather than becoming ready to come up with good styles nullifies the levels. The architects ought to be perfect with measurements, sketches and should be good at making use of rooms. While they’ve to be well familiarized with rules and regulations, environment functions etc. related to artwork. All this work is a component of an architect’s work. Not only this, the architects additionally need to play parts in web site choice, work in close collaboration with clients and work responsibly towards the atmosphere.

The abilities and work responsibilities of an architect are quite different, and an architect’s resume should point out all these abilities. The qualifications would range from the degree details to the details of the effectiveness to operate various software programs developed for architectural designing. These programs, degrees and skills need to be mentioned in your application as they would be the keywords and phrases the employer would search for.

If you are an architect or an architecture pupil, learn just how exactly to write an efficient architect resume. A great application succeeds in impressing the potential employers. If you are new in practical life as an architect you must take help from online available Architect Resumes. In order to get the best layouts for your resume.

Whenever an expert seeks a unique job, he or she starts up by giving an application first or displaying it prior to the interviewing authority. If the resume is sharp and also to the point, there’s a hundred percent opportunity of getting it chosen for further rounds of interview. Accounting resumes differ for every extent and carry details of every specific single thing with certain place. For instance, as you possibly can see through the given collections of application samples below, the information shared in a resume of intern i.e. fresh graduate accountant will be different from those who shared it for the reason that for an accounting manager.

Accounting resume - Writing tips

Accounting resume – Writing tips

Though the word ‘accounting’ sounds very easy to the ears, it is much more of an advanced standard of technology which registers significant financial data of a business. The upkeep of these financial information and records is a challenging task plus the more skilled the individual in this task, the more it reflects on the application.

From all these samples, you may additionally observe that an application should be presented into the correct format and must not include in any type of erroneous details into the job details at all. Every little thing this is certainly discussed into the document ought to be as per up to date. But, it must be taken care that the vital info is not eliminated. In reality, such information ought to be provided in brief, showcasing the absolute many important things. The duties of an accountant are huge in addition to individual accounts for managing major elements associated with information associated with accounts and finance.

Every detail associated to the accountant should be presented under various sections. This assists to format the application neatly while making it much more readable. Besides, the document should consist of the qualifications desired to be possessed by an accountant. These should start with college and school details and next proceed to expert programs and other skills that the individual features carried out. The educational details ought to be included in the first part. The following part ought to integrate the work encounters – as to in which the person has worked prior to as well as the form of duties he or she had done in the past endeavors. The task duties, too, should always be precise, concrete and must include full details. This would never be overdone and one must make utilization of right terms to stress the vital points.

An individual area associated with the resume can be dedicated to the personal traits or characteristics that make up the shows of your character. This area should include those personality traits which commensurate aided by the work demands and show the way they may help in building within the business even better. It can more consist of extracurricular abilities that highlights the leadership and interaction skills associated with applicant. Nonetheless, one should ensure that these details are perhaps are not irrelevant or inapplicable into the task profile used for. Otherwise, it would likely lead to getting rejected for the application.

For specific and comprehensive details, just take an appearance during the useful and educational examples offered here. These shall assist you to create convincing resumes and wow the employers to start thinking about you because their future worker. If you are applying for an accountant job then you will need Accounting Resumes. Get them online on different portals.

Even if you are not applying for the job of an accountant still you will require some latest resume samples i.e. easy to edit and modify. In such resumes, all you need to do is put the information of your personal details and qualifications and then take a printout. If you need more than one print, you can double the printing amount to any extent.

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