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Seafood bowl drink campaigns are rapidly getting popularity among taverns and restaurants that sell liquor, but if you want to dive into this profitable drink promotion alternative, take a look at the three steps below that can help you to make the best alternatives with regards to the seafood bowls and drinks you choose, along with the way you advertise your launch of brand-new drink selection product.

How to Use Fish Bowls for Drink Promos in Your Restaurant or Tavern

How to Use Fish Bowls for Drink Promos in Your Restaurant or Tavern

Action 1: Order Your Seafood Bowls

The very first action in planning your restaurant’s marketing drink will be to purchase the fish bowls. Start thinking about these tips:

For beverage promos, you need to make sure that your fish bowls are adequate enough to support the sheer wide range of individuals i.e. ordering them. For instance, you might like to sell beverage campaigns in fish bowls sized simply appropriate for two people, three people or also four or higher people. Fortunately, fish bowl pots are readily available in numerous sizes. Keep in mind that the most famous size for beverage promo purposes is the 2.5-gallon seafood bowl, so if you’re not sure about the size of bowl that you should order or if you simple can’t understand the dimensions, you must begin with this size until you determine exactly how sought after your drink promos are going to require.

Simply, as you find fish bowls in various sizes, you may also locate them in various materials – the preferred one is plastic material cups. The materials you choose is entirely up to you to decide, however you should hold in head that, typically, plastic fish bowls are more durable than glass fish bowls. To put it differently, if an accident occurs, a plastic fish dish is much less expected to break.

Step 2: Decide Which Drinks to Sell

Once you know the types of fish bowls you’re going to use, now it’s time for you to determine what to place in them!

Mixed products are widely known alternatives for fish dish drink offers and a lot of restaurants that provide such products additionally pay attention to the elements as per the time of year (for instance, are your customers expected to purchase a Hawaiian-themed drink in December?), upcoming and present vacation periods (numerous restaurants and taverns have fun with options like Halloween-themed drinks), therefore they go for a number of blended drinks that their clients order on a regular basis. You will have to design your menu after deciding for the types of drinks, you are about to offer in your restaurant. For this cause and easy, convenient and cost-effective solution is using Drinks Menu OpenOffice Template, available numerously online.

Step 3: Improve Your Seafood Bowl Beverages!

This action is especially vital, because chances are that you’ve never provided seafood drink offers before (otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article!). It implies that your prospects aren’t familiar with ordering them from your organization.

In inclusion to making it certain, your drink selection reflects the improvements, consider ideas like putting small signs in the club or on the restaurant’s tables for the sake of advertising your beverages, or even placing ads on the local radio section for advertising an evening of beverage deals.

This is true, when you try something new with your business, you can easily anticipate a developing and mastering period same will be the case when you add fish bowl beverage promotions to your restaurant’s selection; nevertheless, when you observe and take note of your consumers’ responses and work out changes to mirror those reactions, you will discover that this new addition is actually lucrative one.


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