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Do you have a lot of tasks to accomplish in a very short period of time? You are not the only one. Everyone feel like this way and looking for a solution. Here comes the solution. I am sharing these 12 Free Schedule Templates using OpenOffice to help you organize yourself effectively. These schedule templates are going to help you to pick a right time for the right job easily.

Why Do you need this Schedule Templates?

Well! … the most critical factor of time management is the way to organize your day. It all depends upon the schedule sheet that you choose to plan your day. I am providing here 12 different options to choose the one best suited for your situation. I am sure more than one can suit you easily for any kind of purpose but lets consider only one.

By download that one schedule template for your needs will help you save a lot of time in creating it by scratch. Also, it will help you to focus more on your time management rather than professional layout of your schedule. Remember, something that doesn’t look good can’t be used for a longer period of time. So choose color scheme of your schedule sheets carefully and purposefully.

These schedule templates are prepared using OpenOffice Applications. This is because its free and open source. Anyone can easily download it and use it as per his/her own convenience.

Download Free Schedule Templates

Here goes my list of these Free Schedule Templates to help you choose the best one to fulfill your needs. Let me know your comments and suggestions on this list and also feel free to add your own if you have anyone. This will make this list more complete and fruitful for others.

Homework Schedule Template

Here is link to download this Free Homework Schedule Template

Fee Schedule Template

Download this Fee Schedule Template using OpenOffice

Download this Free Course Schedule Template in OpenOffice

Construction Schedule Template

Download this Free Construction Schedule Template in OpenOffice

Audit Schedule Template

Download this Free Audit Schedule Template in OpenOffice

Trip Schedule Template

Download this Trip Schedule Template using OpenOffice

Download this Free Depreciation Schedule Template in OpenOffice

Labor Schedule Template

Download this Free Labor Schedule Template in OpenOffice Calc

Monthly Calendar Schedule Template

Download this Monthly Calendar Schedule Template



At an educational establishment, attendance means that a person is physically present at the establishment during his study times. Attendance sheet is used to record the attendance. Attendance sheet is not only used at schools but also is used in offices. Attendance sheets are normally prepared on monthly basis, although can be prepared on weekly basis, too. Its preparation is based on the nature of work for which you are going to make it. If you are in searching of a free of cost Attendance Sheet Template, you can get it from our site. You will find here as per your desire template. You can have required changes in this template.

You can change the school name, its logo and its color scheme as per your need. If you think that there is no need to change its color scheme, you can use it without any change. If you want to change the logo of this Attendance Sheet Template, by following the instructions, you can get your desired results:

  • Right click on logo
  • Choose the change picture option
  • Select your own logo from computer
  • Click on insert option to insert the logo

If you are thinking to download this Attendance Sheet Template, there is just a need of single click on download button. Save this Attendance Sheet Template in your PC for your further use. We hope this Attendance Sheet Template will give you a quick start to make your own one.

Download Template

A Packing List Template is a receipt that is used to maintain record of business that is also known as shipping document. Packing list, shipping list, packing list, packing slip, bill of parcel, unpacking note, packing slip (delivery), docket delivery list and customer receipt are also shipping documents that accomplish delivery packages. These packages are usually attached on shipping pouch or inside the package itself. It is used to inform all business clients and parties included transport agencies, government authorities about the contents of packages. Packing slip form is used in a warehouse pick and pack operation that includes the items that are part of shipping and recipient of the shipment. With the help of this Packing Slip Template you can compose your own slip for shipping purpose. Here we also have a Packing Slip Template for your kind assistance. You can download this template via below mentioned link. This packing slip is designed in MS Word 2007 and easy to read. You can mention your own detailed regarding your shipping plan or organization. This template can assist you in right order.

Download Template

Fax Sheet template is a document template that is used as a cover sheet of fax. It is composed in diverse styles and pattern. It can be designed in both style designing and simple way but as it a composed in document form template so it is better to make it in simple style to give it a professional look. Here we have a professional look cover sheet. This Professional Fax Cover Sheet Template is composed in Microsoft Word 2007.  Hopefully this will give you a quick start to your work right now. In order to download this free of cost template just click on the mentioned below link. It can be utilized as oriel fax cover sheet, simple fax cover sheet, standard fax cover sheet and business fax cover sheet template after modifying it according to your own requirement.

Download Template

Referral sheet template is a document that keeps sketch of past, events, actions and policies. This sheet narrates a particular action on a particular event or time for; instance, an employee can make a reference sheet to define the events infrequent activity to keep away from missing step next time. If you have no idea to compose a referral sheet then hopefully this Referral Sheet Template will assist you making your own sheet. This free sample template can be customized easily according to your own requirement and choice.

Download Template

Essay cover sheet is a document template that is filled according to the field requirement. It can composed as legal document as well as educational or syllabus sheet form. It is generally filled with complaints and necessary information’s about the concerned. Here we have an Essay Cover Sheet Template that is designed in Microsoft Word 2007. It is specified for astronomy that can be converted in visitor’s sheet, daily sheet, investigation sheet etc. It is ready-to-use. All its images are replaceable and contents are editable according to the requirement and need.

Download Template

Bill of lading sheet is a business document template. It is composed in form of receipt. It conveys or receives order of company products. This form includes sender detail, recipient detail, description, and quantity and unit price. Bill of Lading Sheet Template is composed in Microsoft Word 2007. Its contents and images are easily customizable. This sheet can also be composed in Microsoft Excel. If you want to convert it in excel sheet then select all the sheet, go in right click option and copy it, then paste this form on the excel sheet.

Download Template

Tennis is a game that is composed of points and sets. The team with majority of prescribed set of scores wins. Tennis sheet consists of whole match position like match score team A vs. team B. Tennis score sheet shows score result of each team. There is no specific pattern for score sheet. It is composed in different forms and with diverse pattern. Here we have a prepared Tennis Score Sheet Template for your kind assistance. It is composed in Microsoft Word 2007. It will help you to take a quick start to begin your work right now.

Download Template

According to the common definition of the expense, expense or expenditures are outflow of money regarding an individual or group that is paid for an item, services or for some particular category of cost. Expense sheet is document that related to the accounts and finance department. It is prepared to maintain cash and expenditures. Here we have an Expense Sheet Template. It is composed in Microsoft word’s 2007 version. You can download this free template via below mentioned link. This sample template is free to download and easy to customize.

Download Template

Cover sheet is a document template. It is used for diverse purpose that’s why it can be composed in different styles. For instance if you want to prepare a fax sheet then it can compose as fax cover sheet, business fax cover sheet, simple fax cover sheet, elegant fax cover sheet and many more. Here we have a report cover sheet template for your kind assistance. Report Cover Sheet template can also be composed as business report cover sheet, abstract report cover sheet, solar system cover sheet, design cover sheet, floral design cover sheet, technology cover report template etc. All its contents are editable and you can feel free to use it for your business purpose.

Download Template

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