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Banners are designed for marketing purposes of a business or promotion for a campaign. A well designed and effective banner can be very helpful in successfully marketing the products/services. Banner designing is a part of graphic designing and serve the people in getting information through text and visual objects on it.

Here are some tips and instructions for effective banner designing that can definitely raise sale ratio and CTRs. Hope these tips will be beneficial for you in better banner designing.

  1. Animations should be used in graphical presentation of a banner but remember that you have to attract the attention of people not to irritate them. Animations should be included in more professional way.
  2. Typography is most important element of banner designing and font style should be according to latest trends of graphic designing.
  3. Some properties like “click here” or “submit” in order to improve CTR of banner.
  4. Always use dark and bright colors in banner design work. Green, blue and yellow colors can improve CTR of banner. Red colors should be used sparingly.
  5. When you design a banner for specific message delivery, keep in mind that message should be short and simple.
  6. Word “free” can also enhance CTR of banner but it depends on the type of product or service that is going to sell.
  7. Keep changing your banner designing and update it according to current information and status.
  8. Hyperlink you banner page with other specific page that contains some more information regarding publicity or message of your product/services.

In order to find better results of banner designing, you should test your designed banner. You can do this by running your banner and check out its resulting sales and CTRs. You can make necessary amendments in your banner designing like graphics and font etc. format of banner designing is also very important and you should use most common banner formats for this purpose. Try to make your banner designing more effective, attractive and dynamic to update people from your company status.


Imaginative and technological proficiency allows an individual to offer a full spectrum of website development, custom programming, commerce solutions and vision reality. One can help his website clients who are facing envision and launched web-based solutions. A successful website design has some particular purposes such as comprehensiveness of range, website designing services or marketing of some particular business or organization.

When a company designs website, customers visit it with the aim to gain basic purpose and services of website design that offers support in website development. These website objectives are as follows:

  • A successful website design will focus on the needs of potential clients. In order to keep them visiting the website, also highlight the services that are required by the clients/customers.
  • A website layout should provide easy access for the user. In order to take review the range of various valuable services that are available on the website. This working on the website is performed by the website holder.
  • Design pattern is reusable idea that makes website easy to read and attractive. It is also an important factor that creates difference between two designing website layouts. It makes your website important and different from other one.
  • A website design seeks a proper setup through that an organization can fulfill its clients’ needs, provide them best solution of their critical problems and enable them to make critical decisions. For instance about cost, company reputation, convenience, support and expertise or any other.
  • Website design and development can convey a strong identification in order to promote the organization. It can perform as a leader in the field of website designing. Its layout pattern incorporates best practice in the designing and development. This object emphasize that website is optimized to easy explore and classify factors.

Sometimes contact forms create confusion and frustration for many people which can lead toward loss of online business. It can be possible that someone is partially interested in your product or service or has some hesitation in shopping and he/she faces any inconvenience in contacting. In this case, you may lose that customer and send him/her directly to your competitor. Here are some simple but valuable practices for website contact form developments and implementations. If you utilize them, you can get maximum happy clients.

Multiple Request Options

You should provide multiple request type options to users because it can be helpful for users and help them in categorizing the type of request according to their priorities. This is also helpful for data mining at later date. It can be very helpful for those people who may be confused between choices or have no option of their choice.

Captcha Challenge

Captcha is a best way to cut down spam humility but sometimes Captcha images are very challenging, hard to read and particularly have damaged vision. If you are using Captcha images in contact form, try to ensure it that the image set by you is easily readable at some distance from monitor. You should also include audio support options whereby a series of numbers is read out to the user.

Use Thank You Pages

This is quite a common practice that a person submits his/her details and after submission he/she views an error page, blank page or directed back to contact page. This situation creates uncertainty in the mind of person that either the message has been submitted or not. Therefore you should design a proper ‘Thank You’ page and keep testing it time to time to ensure that it is displayed properly or not. ‘Thank You’ page is a kind of indication that can give a confidence to customers that they will likely to be heard back.

Minimize Necessary Fields

If you want to provide convenience to you clients, you should offer minimum necessary fields in contact form. If a person is making a pre-sale inquiry then only his/her e-mail address is sufficient for reply. Some contact forms have so many compulsory fields to fill and this can cause irritation for your client. Therefore demand only such kind of information that is really needed and leave other spaces optional.

Provide Tips

You should clearly mention all compulsory fields and provide validation rules on the form how to complete these fields.

For example: CNIC number (xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x)


If you are selling your product and services online, you should make security arrangements up-to-date. Make it sure that they are working properly and keep checking them time to time.

Avoid Unnecessary Popup

You should avoid unnecessary popup on web page because it can cause annoyance to the users.

Website or web page designing is actually combination of images, graphics and text. When you sit to design your web page, most of your concern is to bring attraction and beauty in your web page. Text is added in the web page in different forms like headings, hyperlinks, caption of buttons and main text. Different styles and effects of text are included to make a web page more attractive and users friendly.

Some important types of text is included here that can be given to add different effects in web page designing.

Multi-layered Text

Multi-layered text is an important tool to add attraction in the interface of web page. Text of different colors gives beautiful effects in web page when you use it as multi- layered.

Break Apart

It is another tool for creating style and attraction in web page designing. This text can be given different colors and styles as well.

Expend Fill

This text is also included to create fun and attraction in the design of a web page.

Soften Fill

Soften fill is another type of text that is included in the designing of web page and looks very beautiful.

Web page designing has become a common trend in all corporate or business organization to provide important information and particular of products/services and companies to their clients and customers. A web page design work can be successful if it fulfills fundamental rules of graphic designing of web page and its layout as well.

Here are some basic rules of web page designing and layout for your consideration so that you may be successful in designing an effective and dynamic layout of your web page or website.

Easy to read

The true purpose of web page designing is that to provide visitors with information in the form of different objects like text, images and animations etc. if your web page is not readable to users then what is the purpose of your website? So your web page should be readable easily. Selection of background color and text color should be done very carefully. Your web page should be soothing to your eyes and not be irrigative. Text size is also an important point to be considered when you sit to design your website. Many other elements include in the text designing of your web page including text alignment and capitalization etc.

Easy navigation

Easy navigation is another important fact of your web page that makes it more effective and popular among web community. All the objects that you designed on the interface of your web page should be easy to view by the visitors. These objects include hyperlinks, buttons, text boxes, tabs and graphics/images etc. proper placement of all these objects will make your web page easy to navigate and this is the thing that visitor actually wants in a certain web page designing. You should try to make visitors find your web page within three clicks.

Easy to find

When you create your new web page, you should take some necessary steps to promote your web page on World Wide Web. People will not come to your web page if you don’t focus on increasing page ranking of your web page. Several forums are available to promote your web page like search engines, award sites, directories, banner advertising, and electronic media and linking it with other web sites that are popular among visitors. It would be better for you if you promote your web page offline and online.

Consistent web page layout

Every one first comes to see the layout of your web page design project or we can say that it is the first point where positive or negative image of your web page creates. All graphics/images, typefaces, tabs, links, buttons, headers, footer and other design objects should remain consistent throughout your web page design. This consistency of the entire design element will also make your web page popular among web community.

Quick downloadable

It is noticed that visitors leave the web page very soon if downloading speed is not sufficient. Downloading within 15 seconds is considered as the best for all types of web page designing. This rule is for those organizations that are identified in business community and among clients/customers. If your products and services have not good recognition, you should keep downloading speed of short time. Make your web page effective regarding its downloading speed and keep checking in the session of testing and maintenance of your web page.

All the points mentioned above are basic rules and aspects of web page design work without which you cannot be successful among other websites that exist in adequate number on web.

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