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When you design a website or webpage, readability is the most of the concerned subject to readers and users of the website. A web page or website must be very good in readability. Readability of websites is considered very important by all website designers and developers. Contents of website must be clear, concise and convenient to user’s eyes. If you want to keep users come to your blog and read your information, you must follow the following tips to improve readability of your web page.

  • It is very important to underline the words that you have interlinked with other page containing comprehensive information about certain subject that is under discussion. Underlining the links is common practice among all web designers and users also expect underlined links.
  • Text section of website and other design elements should be separated from each other. Starting and ending of post should be separated and obviously clear. Tags, category bar, comments section and post Meta must be distinctly separate from the content of web page. This thing will surely improve the readability of website.
  • If pull-quotes are used in the design of website, make sure that they are extremely obvious and near the post.
  • Website contents must be to the point, brief but comprehensive. This will let users to read your website contents.
  • Be very careful in selecting background color of web page and color of text you posted on it. Both should be very balanced, easy to read and smooth to eyes. Use Snook’s color contrast checker to improve the readability of your website.
  • Make sure that headings and sub-headings stand out from the design and contents of web page.
  • Take good care when you have to wrap text around images and graphics.
  • Usually contents are posted in left alignment of web page.
  • Avoid using ALL CAPITAL in the contents of the main body. Keep them in smaller size.
  • Sidebar of web page must be short.

These are most effective tips to improve readability of your website.



I am working as freelancer and daily visit hundreds of websites. I deeply reviewed all standard features of websites. I find many good and bad websites on web. Here I want to deliver some best practices for website designing that I have learnt from my personal knowledge of web searching and research on this subject. I think websites should be most convenient for users from all aspects. Let’s consider the best practices for website designing.
1. Easy navigation
Easy and convenient navigation is  thing that users mostly like on websites. They must know that on which page they are reviewing. For this website designers should provide easy and more convenient navigability on their websites. Don’t confuse the users.
2. Fast loading time
Users will leave your website if it is not offering loading time of 12 seconds. Images and contents of website must be downloading in  fast and convenient way.
3. Use of images
Images are  only way that can add design and creativity in the layout of your website. But images and graphics should be used in minimum quantity and small sizes of images should be placed in website designing.
4. Web pages readability
Interlinked web pages must be small, concise and readable to users. You should never use same font style and size on web page. Users must be privileged to adjust font size according to their needs.
5. Cross checking of websites
After designing your website, you must check it on different systems and browser to ensure its perfect presentation. Make sure that your website is displaying appropriately on different network systems.
6. Use of design languages
Java script should be frequently avoided to design websites. Because these scripts do crash the system and network. If it is necessary to use them, keep them minimum.
7. Use of CSS
Cascading Style Sheets are very important element of website designing. They are equally helpful for SEOs and individuals who download the published material from web.
These are the best practices that I must say you should practice while designing your websites. You will be successful to prepare a readable, reliable and best performing website for users by doing so.

Creating an effective banner design is surety to run banner campaign successfully. Here are very useful tips to design banner for web. These tips will increase CTRs and resulting sales of your website.

Use of animation in banner designing

An animation can greatly increase CTRs of your website. Main purpose of using animation in web designing is to attract the attention of users, not to irritate them. You should be very careful in using animations for banner designing. Apply following guidelines to have better look of your web banners.

  • To attract the attention of users, use subtle banner designing and avoid using ostentatious designing to interfere with the whole design of web page. This thing will interfere in your advertisement of web page.
  • Animations must be used with loop. Otherwise users will irritate by its endless movements. 7-10 times loop is considered best for any type of animations in web design work.
  • You should also offer best downloading time for users in the presence of animations in the web design work.

Use bright colors

Banner designing of blue, yellow and green colors is considered best. Banners designed in bright colors will help you increasing CTRs of the website.

Use of word Free in the banner designing

The word “Free” can frequently increase CTRs of your web page but it depends on what you are offering to users.

Leave short message on banner

Banners of web page must be short in their wording and message. Remember simple banner have more CTRs than unfocused.

Inter link the banner properly

Make a link of banner with a specific page. Users should be convenient in getting relevant information for which they click on the banner.

Refresh the banner

Keep changing or refreshing the banner of your web page. When there will appear a new banner, CTRs of web page will increase soon.

These are the basic tips to design web page banners that all graphic designers should keep in mind to design more profitable web page.


What tools are essential to have if you have just started the work of graphic designing? It is very important to know to be more effective and professional in your graphic designing work. At initial stage of your work, you don’t need to have lots of tools to do graphic designing work but as your business of job expands your need variety and plenty of graphic designing tools to make your work more profitable. Large software collection, extensive library design books, computer hardware and high-end computes include in the essential tool of graphic designing on a large scale. Let’s discuss some of essential tools to work as graphic designer on initial stage of your profession or hobby.

Computer: As you think of starting work as graphic designer, you need to have a computer. It is perhaps very important and most expensive tool that you need to have to accomplish your graphic designing tasks. Remember compute should be in good condition because power and performance of your computer will directly affect your working of graphic designing. It is recommended that for effective and profitable graphic design work, you should purchase from PC and Mac. iMac is considered best for graphic designing.

Software: You have purchase a good computer and now it is time to fill it with advanced graphic design software. It is not necessary to install high-end packages of graphic design software to your PC but here are some software that can help your bring creativity and professionalism in your graphic design work. The software for graphic design includes Flash, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suit etc.

Graphic Design Books: Graphic designers love to be surrounded by extensive library books of graphic designing. You can learn advanced tools and techniques to bring creativity and attraction in your design work. Visualization is most important factor that makes the graphic design work more successful and profitable. So you need to purchase best recommended books of graphic designing to be more productive through your graphic designing work.

These are essential tools to do effective graphic design work and you should consider them even if you have just started graphic designing.


Having presence in online marketplace is very important for a graphic design business. Each graphic design business should focus on making efforts to develop business in cyberspace.  If you are involved in graphic design business and want to promote your business online, here are some great tips for you. Follow the tips and lead your business towards success.

  1. Creating an exclusive portfolio should be first step in promoting your graphic design business online. Add this page to your website and it should contain all websites that you have worked out. Graphic design portfolio basically showcases your entire work to the potential clients. You should also include brief information about work you have done for the website.
  2. Content is always an integral part of each website development and designing. So you should add high quality of contents to the website. By reading through this content, visitors will check the creditability and reliability of your website. Also explain the products and services that you can offer to the businesses for grooming and development. Simple language and sentences should be used for visitor’s convenience.
  3. Blogs are wonderful medium to update the content of your website on regular basis. Creating a good blog will help you in updating your portfolio as per changes and updating in your work. You can also understand the needs and requirements of your target audience and visitors.
  4. Social networking has also become an important tool in promoting the businesses online. Facebook, MySpace are major social network forums through which you can interact with countless people to groom your business. You will also get valuable information about niche industry and other business factors.

Several other things can make you promote your business online that include:

  • Including client testimonial in the website
  • Powerful marketing strategies
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-marketing
  • others

These promotional tips for graphic design business can give you opportunities to bring your graphic design business in front of audience/visitors and online marketplace.


It is an economical way to advertise business, products, services and events through flyer designing. Several kinds of flyers are designed for business promotion and it depends on the purpose of flyers. Types of flyers include party flyers, event flyers, club flyers and business flyers. Flyers are as good for businesses for they grab attention of customers and clients toward products and services. By reading this article you will be able to design an attention-worthy flyer for any type of  business.

Follow the tips:

  • It is best to visit the spot where there are lots of flyers. Scan flyers and choose  most suitable for your business requirements. You should take closer look of flyers and look what are the things that stand out the business to you.
  • You should use largest paper format and keep in mind that your printer can handle the paper size easily. If you are going to design a flurry flyer, size matters a lot.
  • You should be very careful in selection of paper colors. Use bright and neon colors for flyer. Also remember that colors of paper should not overpower pictures and text of flyers.
  • You should use dark colors for text and pictures display on flyers.
  • Select most striking picture to predict your business messages and slogans.
  • Use simple but thick font for writing on the flyers.
  • Usually it is tried to cram every inch of flyer with text and pictures. But avoid clutter while designing flyers.
  • Flyers are hanged on top distance so make sure that they can be viewed from large distance.
  • Post your flyer earlier before starting your business or event.

These are the general tips for designing a best flyer for the promotion of your business.

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