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Birthday is an event of happiness and enjoyment and comes every year in one’s life. Everyone wants to make this day very special and celebrate with great pomp and show. Lots of activities are done for the day of birthday in which inviting all the respected guests is most important. It is always remain a custom over the world that all family members, friends and relatives are gathered on this special occasion to enhance the grace of this day for the person who is going to celebrate his/her birthday.

Sending birthday invitation cards to relatives, friends and other beloved persons is an interesting activity and people do it with full joy and happiness. In order to please the invited guests they are send beautiful birthday invitation cards. Selection of birthday invitation cards is most important aspect of birthday arrangement activities. Everyone tries to select best design of birthday invitation cards. Birthday invitation cards are of variety of designs and styles that look very stylish and greatly please the individuals who are invited on this gorgeous day.

Now selection of birthday invitation does not remain a problem at all as you can download your desired design of birthday invitation card from web templates. These templates are specially designed for this purpose that people may be convenient in getting stylish designs and formats of birthday invitation cards. You can also customize them as these templates are packed with customizable birthday invitation cards. Free downloading of birthday invitation cards has become these templates very popular among people and they got their best from these templates.


A student resume should be very simple as well as full of energy. It should explore youth vigor. Resume should be based on educational and academic background. Commonly high school resume is composed for part time job. It also consists on your positive activities and future planes. You can also give short description of your future planes. If you still have no idea about the high school resume composition, download this resume sample in Microsoft Word. Click on item that you want to modify for your own data and compose you own high school resume template for job purpose.

Download Template

Using white spaces in web age design project is one of basic principles of graphic designing. You may not consider the right meaning of white spaces from this statement. Actually white spaces are blank area of website that separate text, images, and animations from each other. We can also say that white spaces are used to separate each section from one another. Lots of benefits are of using white spaces in design work of web page. White spaces are also known as negative spaces of the web page. It can be between text, images, animations and other objects exist on the interface of web page.

According to recent trends of graphic designing or web page designing, white spaces are frequently used to provide visitors more visibility of website. The quality of an appealing design work is that it must look easy to eyes and visitors don’t have to tease their eyes for searching important links on the web page. Without adequate use of white spaces on web page, it is harder to read the information and viewing graphics given in website designing. White spaces create a balance among different objects of website designing. White spaces also keep our brains comfortable to view the displayed data whether it is text or other objects.

With the benefits and importance of white spaces in web page designing, it is also very important to have complete information that how they can be used to create an attractive and effective web page for clients’ convenience. Web developers and designers should have complete knowledge to leave white spaces on the interface of website that best suit to recent trends of website designing. In order to develop more structured and effective layout of web page, use of white spaces has become most important and there is no way to enhance the ranking and PR of web pages.

Amortization schedule is one of important business documents that exist in office stationary. This schedule is in the form of table that provides details of each periodic payment that is collected by amortization calculator. This amortization schedule is very helpful for you to estimate your monthly loan repayments. It also helps you determining that how much payments you have made for principles and how much for interests. However amortizations are available of many types as:

  • Declining balance
  • Annuity
  • Straight line (linear)
  • Increasing balance
  • Bullets

Amortization runs in chronological order and is very useful for loan providing companies. It stands in business and official documents of the organizations. However design, format and styles of amortizations schedule vary organization to organization.

Templates for amortization schedule are available that are packed with best formats and designs of this important document. These templates provide free downloading facility to have best designs of amortization schedule and you can get them easily. You can also make some necessary changes in selected format of amortization schedule.

Graphic designing is key aspect of putting style and designing in every object whether it is used for online of offline. Technology has groomed fast and this technological advancement has force the people to be more selective and perfect in every thing that relates to style and design. Graphic designing is also influenced by the latest trends of style and innovation. Graphic designing trends keep changing every year with new inventions of design elements. Here we will discuss some recent trends for year 2010.

Graphic designing trends for 2010

It is always thought to do effective, dynamic, interesting and attractive design for website designing and designing for published material. Look at latest trends that are used in graphic designing.


Use of words always remains an important aspect of graphic designing and they are used with different colors and effects to create fun in the design work. Embossed and letter pressed formats is very much used in recent trends of graphic designing. Typography is done in graphic designing using different heights of line and words.

Illustrations and sketches

In order to give a unique look to a design work different types of hand drawn sketches are used to put on design work. Illustrations and themes are elaborated through these sketches in the graphic designing.

Introduction blocks

The space on the design interface that is used for introduction is called as introductory blocks now and they are specifically designed in different styles to make them more prominent on the design interface. Upper left area of website is determined as space for introduction. These introduction blocks are also considered as best place to attract the attention of visitors to your message.

White spaces

It has also become a trend in graphic designing to leave some white space on a website to relief the eyes from exciting and sharp colors on the computer interface. It is now considered as important as carpet under your dinning table. Moreover these white spaces provide visitors an interval to think that what they actually want to search on web.


People like to spend most of their time on web to get more and more information. Social websites and advertisement of several products and services are included in design work in the form of different icons. These are used to get people connected all the time.


Images and photography is considered most important in new trends of graphic designing. Sometimes large size photographs are included in the design work of website and magazines.

Layout designing

Now design trends have been changed and every one wants to have more attractive and user’s friendly interface whether it is website or any magazine. Layout designing is done with the help of short and concise articles for information and images to create fun in website design work.

Trends for graphic designing are endless but these are some points of graphic designing trends that developers and designers look to include in their design work as professional individuals.

Printed graphic designing and web graphic designing is quite different from each other from many aspects. Both types of graphic designing are compared with each other from different aspects to better understand difference between both of them in this article. Remember that print graphic designing works for printed or published material such as magazines, business cards, logo designing, newspapers, products designing and packaging etc. On the other hand web designing is done for the internet community to banner advertise the products/services, website designing and e-mail newsletters.

From which aspects print and web graphic designing is different is briefly mentioned below:


Audience greatly differs in both types of graphic designing as print or web. In print designing you are dealing with a physical product in the form of magazine or newsletter and you have to attract the attention of readers by offering them one page ad or marketing message of the product/service. It is an advantage of print designing that physical property of your product can better attract the attention of customers. For example if a paper company is giving its ad and promoting its own product in the form of magazine, customers can better understand the quality of product. Designing on web from this aspect is contrary as on computer interface you try to keep customers stay on one page as long as possible. Moreover number of pages can be unlimited and users can access those relevant pages with just a click on the provided links. Flash objects and animations are also included in web designing.


As we talk about layout of print and web design project it also differs. In print designing space can be measured in inches whereas in web it is measured in pixels. In print layout you can market from smallest to largest item like business card to highway advertisement. In web you have to focus on resolution of your monitor to design a website of your company.


Dealing with colors while designing a print or web design project is also very tricky and different. Colors displayed in different shapes and forms in print and web design project. Web designing offers you to choose color of your own choice from available palette for printing your desired page. In print designing you can just view the color display.


Technological measurement or tools are also different in both print and web designing. In print media Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator programs are used to put graphical objects on published material. Latest technology in printing process is also very important in print media designing. A web designer uses different types of coded languages and software to design the websites of companies and includes graphics in that websites. All of web designing depends on web developer/designer that how he can make an effective and dynamic web design project for customer’s convenience.

Print and web designing is different from career development regardless of aspects given above. In print media individuals can survive as art director at magazine, editor, ad designer and package designer etc. In website designing individuals can make their career as web developers, flash designer for movie websites and banner or ad designer for marketing purposes.

Whatever the way you want to select for your designing project, advancement from all the aspects is necessary to be kept in mind while working for each type of designing on corporate level.

Graphic designing is an art of creativity and imagination and designers play with several colors and styles to create a theme based designing for corporate purposes. Variety of skills is involved to excel in the field of graphic designing. Graphic designing has become a very competitive field whether it is online or offline. Here are some tips for individuals who are involved in web graphic designing. Follow the tips given below:

  • A person going to be a graphic designer must have basic knowledge of web designing. Variety of languages and software offer special coding to build a web design layout and other graphical objects over the website. Actually web designing is most valuable skill for graphic designer to be successful in their fields.
  • Graphic designer often have interest in drawing and other art illustrations. So illustration is considered as necessary part of graphic designing process. Having sharp illustrative skills will allow you to make your design work more creative and trendy for your web designing project. Freelance illustration is considered very important to get true benefit of graphic designing.
  • The person who has designed his website must have skills to market it online as online marketing is also an important aspect of successful web designing. Latest marketing tactics will make you more recognized in the web community and it also increases numbers of your clients. Online marketing is also very necessary for increasing traffic on your online portal.
  • Sound search engine optimizations skills should be in the person who do business online or involve in online graphic designing. It is also better to have services of professional search engine optimization.
  • Blogging is another way to be successful in web designing as a professional individual. Creating an impressive blog, updating it regularly and optimizing it can make you achieve your desired goals from your design work on web.

All above are basic skills for being successful in the field of web graphic designing however some other skills should be there as the characteristics of web graphic designers. These include:

  • Creativity and passionate
  • Troubleshooting
  • Understanding of client’s mind
  • Knowledge of graphic software
  • Following the trends
  • Knowledge of design theory
  • Watching design work of others
  • Inspiration
  • Being grateful
  • Questioning

Skills mentioned above will surely make an individual quite successful in the field of web graphic designing.

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