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Most of the time, you might have observed that the maximum brochure which are delivered to the people are boring and are thrown in the trash. Nobody bothers how much efforts someone has put on it to design it. Putting efforts in designing a marketing brochure is not important; the important thing is designing it effectively. A well designed marketing brochure can grab the attention of the people very quickly. Here are some tips to design an effective marketing brochure.

  1. The best thing about brochure is that the simpler they are the effective they will be. A simple brochure is not boring at all if designed well. If you emboss a title of the brochure in dark colour on a white piece of paper, it will look so charming. The embossment of the text on the brochure enhances the beauty and effectiveness of the brochure.
  2. Simple and small geometrical shapes used in the brochure have a very deep impact. Choose the background colour of your choice and then use any shape on it of any colour which can compliment that colour used in the background. The shapes also gives the three dimensional effect to the brochure and makes it more attractive.
  3. While designing the brochure, you should know the purpose of it. You should also know the audience for whom you are designing the brochure. You should also know what actually a reader of a marketing brochure wants to have in the brochure. Try to analyse the likes and dislikes of the readers. If the readers do not like much font then use less font and more pictures. For example, if you want to do a marketing of your product of any kind, then you should give all the details which are very attractive to the reader. After reading, the readers might have some questions in their mind related to that product. You should be able to answer all those questions which come in the mind of the person. So, you should be able to design a brochure from prospective of different types of readers.
  4. Try to motivate the reader to read the full brochure. This can be achieved if you use an attractive title for your marketing brochure. For example, if you have put your product in sale, then you give the headline of high rated discounts on all the products. This will induce the reader to go the inner part of the brochure to check what amount of discounts you have offered.
  5. Try to give the necessary details related to the product which you want to sell. For example, if you selling a bakery product, then you can write the names of some very popular and most liked items of the bakery such as chocolate cake, and also tell their ingredients. You can also explain how hygienically the items have been prepared.
  6. Another important thing to do with the marketing brochure is to include some useful information in it. If you are marketing for a beauty cream, then try to give some tips to get rid of the pimples of the face.

Here is our collection of Free Marketing Brochure Templates created using either MS Office or Adobe Photoshop.

Marketing Brochure Template 2

Click here to download this Free Marketing Brochure Template created using MS Word.

Here is another good looking Marketing Brochure Template,

Marketing Tri-fold Brochure Template 2

Click here to download this Free Marketing Brochure Template

Here is a free Product Marketing Brochure Template created using MS Word.

product marketing brochure template

Click here to download this Free Marketing Brochure Template

Here is another good looking Marketing Brochure Template.

tri fold brochure template

Click here to download this Free Marketing Brochure Template


Salary Slips are the financial document issued by an employer to an employee to show the details and the calculations of his/her wages or salaries on a specified time duration. A Salary Slip can contain a lot of details that make it look a bit cumbersome. Depending on the design used, this obstacle will be quickly overcome after a careful study and the financial details will become clear and easily understood by the recipient. So, Salary Slip Formats which are particularly set out in such a way to ensure an employee has little or no problems in understanding the content will aid better appreciation of the details in no time.

Though, there are so many Salary Slip Formats and designs used by different organizations, to suit the items included and conform to the status of their brands, there are basic components that are universal to all Salary Slip Designs. For instance, a Salary Slip must contain the names of both parties – the employer and the employee. It must include the date of issuance and the period covered by the Salary Slips. It must show all the payment accruing to the employee and the corresponding deductions as well as the total amount deducted and the total net payment to the employees. It will be included without neatly arranged demarcation meant to keep the work neat and easy to understand.

Here is a good looking Salary Slip Template created using MS Word.

salary slip template

Click here to Download from

Here goes another good looking Salary Slip Template also known as Pay Slip Template created using MS Word too.

pay slip template

Click here to download this Pay Slip Template from

So, whichever Salary Slip Format an employer decides to adopt, it must be able to accommodate all these generic elements and be simple for the employees to understand. Failure to adopt a simple Salary Slip Format will give the management a tough time trying to clear employees’ doubts after every payment. But should a Salary Slip Design be colorful? Can it remain in black & white despite the fact that every document is getting branded in the corporate world? There are no straight answers to these questions. Let us consider them one by one.

First, it is better to have a simple Salary Slip Design that does not use too many colors. This will ensure that the items in the Salary Slip are easy to see and confirmed by the employees who are the recipients. Also, it will help to keep the Salary Slip Design simple and professional. However, there can also be a use of simple colors that can easily blend into one another and comply with the brand outlook of the company thereby ensuring that professionalism and elegance are maintained while the Salary Slip can still stand among the rest.

Here is another good Salary Slip Template that allows your print multiple copies on single page. Simple yet Effective way of getting salary slips on paper back.

salary slips

Click here to download it from OpenOffice

Here is another good source of Salary Slip Samples created as a PDF File.

salary slips pdf

Click here to download Salary Slip Templates in PDF Format

Finally, it is almost impossible to prohibit the use of several colors if an organization is using electronic Salary Slips. With the use of electronic versions of Salary Slips, the design will be definitely colorful and dynamic. This however, doesn’t preclude the need for simplicity and clarity. Though, a document in colorful design does not stop it from being clear and simple. So, whichever Salary Slip Formats and designs you choose, just ensure that you maintain clarity and give them the layout that will make them easily to handle for employees.

Here is another good looking Salary Slip Template created using MS Word.

salary slip ms word

Click here to download this Salary Slip Template

Here is another good looking Salary Slip Format created using MS Word.

paycheck stub template 01

Click here to download this Salary Slip Format

A student resume should be very simple as well as full of energy. It should explore youth vigor. Resume should be based on educational and academic background. Commonly high school resume is composed for part time job. It also consists on your positive activities and future planes. You can also give short description of your future planes. If you still have no idea about the high school resume composition, download this resume sample in Microsoft Word. Click on item that you want to modify for your own data and compose you own high school resume template for job purpose.

Download Template

Business letters consist on different type of letter. Cover letter comes in business letter. Marketing letter can also call cover letter. All letters are written according to the same rule. They consist on:

  1. Header of the Letter
  2. Body of the Letter
  3. Footer of the Letter

Business letters should be on letter head pad that include company name and company logo. Here is a marketing business letter. You can download it in Microsoft Word and utilize it just mention your name, company name and recipients data.

Download Template

Yoga is healing system through exercise and practice. Yoga is the combination of exercise, physical attitude and meditations. Yoga exercises are the best way to keep healthy, fit and active. It was introduces in late 19th century in America. Now there are a lot of yoga training center and studio for the public services and their guidance. If you are looking for Yoga Studio Template then here we are going to present this flyer on our website. To download this free template, just click on below mentioned link.

Download Template

Progress report is an academic document that shows students efficiency. Progress report can be composed on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It can be related to the different departments and their employees. Here is a general progress report template for your kind assistance. You can use it as school report, office report or something else. To utilize this template you will have to download it first. You can download this report just with a single click of your mouse on the below mentioned link. This report is composed in Microsoft word 2003. You can also compose in Microsoft Publisher Or Microsoft Excel.

Download Template

Money is generally accepted as payment for articles and services. It is also used as repayment of debts in a given country or context. The distinguished functions of money are endless. It is generally known as medium of exchange, unit of account, a store of value and occasionally deferred payment. Money supply of a country consists of currency and demand deposits. These demand depots of money are usually accounted for a large part of currency. Here is a Money Card Template in which you will find diverse part of money unit. You can take idea about money with help of this Money Card Template. This card is composed in Microsoft Word. You can download this template with just a single click of mouse on the below mentioned link and modify it according to your own needs.

Download Template

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