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I am working as freelancer and daily visit hundreds of websites. I deeply reviewed all standard features of websites. I find many good and bad websites on web. Here I want to deliver some best practices for website designing that I have learnt from my personal knowledge of web searching and research on this subject. I think websites should be most convenient for users from all aspects. Let’s consider the best practices for website designing.
1. Easy navigation
Easy and convenient navigation is  thing that users mostly like on websites. They must know that on which page they are reviewing. For this website designers should provide easy and more convenient navigability on their websites. Don’t confuse the users.
2. Fast loading time
Users will leave your website if it is not offering loading time of 12 seconds. Images and contents of website must be downloading in  fast and convenient way.
3. Use of images
Images are  only way that can add design and creativity in the layout of your website. But images and graphics should be used in minimum quantity and small sizes of images should be placed in website designing.
4. Web pages readability
Interlinked web pages must be small, concise and readable to users. You should never use same font style and size on web page. Users must be privileged to adjust font size according to their needs.
5. Cross checking of websites
After designing your website, you must check it on different systems and browser to ensure its perfect presentation. Make sure that your website is displaying appropriately on different network systems.
6. Use of design languages
Java script should be frequently avoided to design websites. Because these scripts do crash the system and network. If it is necessary to use them, keep them minimum.
7. Use of CSS
Cascading Style Sheets are very important element of website designing. They are equally helpful for SEOs and individuals who download the published material from web.
These are the best practices that I must say you should practice while designing your websites. You will be successful to prepare a readable, reliable and best performing website for users by doing so.


Imaginative and technological proficiency allows an individual to offer a full spectrum of website development, custom programming, commerce solutions and vision reality. One can help his website clients who are facing envision and launched web-based solutions. A successful website design has some particular purposes such as comprehensiveness of range, website designing services or marketing of some particular business or organization.

When a company designs website, customers visit it with the aim to gain basic purpose and services of website design that offers support in website development. These website objectives are as follows:

  • A successful website design will focus on the needs of potential clients. In order to keep them visiting the website, also highlight the services that are required by the clients/customers.
  • A website layout should provide easy access for the user. In order to take review the range of various valuable services that are available on the website. This working on the website is performed by the website holder.
  • Design pattern is reusable idea that makes website easy to read and attractive. It is also an important factor that creates difference between two designing website layouts. It makes your website important and different from other one.
  • A website design seeks a proper setup through that an organization can fulfill its clients’ needs, provide them best solution of their critical problems and enable them to make critical decisions. For instance about cost, company reputation, convenience, support and expertise or any other.
  • Website design and development can convey a strong identification in order to promote the organization. It can perform as a leader in the field of website designing. Its layout pattern incorporates best practice in the designing and development. This object emphasize that website is optimized to easy explore and classify factors.

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