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Writing business proposals can be easy and successful also for inexperienced bid writers. Using a bid composing class on bid solutions and bid administration is just one option in mastering simple tips to create the greatest proposals. These classes will walk you through different sorts of proposals, proposal needs and suggestion platforms. While courses are useful in getting started in writing, you can easily follow a couple of basic tips to effective proposition writing on your own as well. Strategies for composing a significantly better proposition can be as simple as interviewing the client or using history files about the client. Deciding what kind of documents, you need to develop shall help you to make use of the correct format from the beginning. Whatever variety of quote proposal you will be composing, following are a couple of basic steps to assist you in making the process much less difficult.

Your client’s need of a proposal is a paramount to the success of your suggestion presentation. Verifying those requirements and wishes at first shall assist you to tailor your proposition to include the needed components that your particular customer needs in the proposition. It should be much simpler so that you can create the proposition if you’ve got that info just before decide to have started from the proposal to stay away from going within the wrong direction. Once you have studied the basic components and sort of report required, you can begin your research including discovering papers about the client. This research can be as easy as studying the client’s company back ground for using legal files to collect even more essential details.

Free Construction Bid Proposal Templates

Checkout these free Construction Bid Proposal Templates.

Construction Bid Proposal Template 01

Download this Bid Proposal Template

Construction Bid Proposal Template 02

Download this Construction Proposal Template

Construction Bid Proposal Template 03

Download this Business Proposal template in MS Word


Construction Bid Proposal Template 04

Download this Construction Proposal in MS Word Format


Construction Bid Proposal Template 05

Download this Construction Bid Proposal Template 05


Construction Bid Proposal Template 06

Download this Construction Bid Proposal Template 06

Construction Bid Proposal Template 07

Download this Construction Bid Proposal Template 07

To assist you into the format associated with article, the development of an overview and table of contents shall help you to understand most of the information necessary while you learn simple tips to write proposals. Continuing your full research will lead you onto filling completely of the primary areas from your developed overview and table of contents. Keep your proposition composing engaging however you can hire professional to bring the focus to your essential info in a mean that will impress your customers.

After these simple ideas and steps will guide you through the procedure quote management with all the least quantity of anxiety. Your company proposal customers will appreciate the attention and consideration which you have taken in creating the proposal as well as your writing can make the end results more productive. Composing a bid proposition can become a second-nature and as very effortless to you as composing a frequent company letter. Tips for composing a far better proposition can be as simple as interviewing the client or using back ground papers about the clients.


So finally, you have decided to start drafting your own Business Plan or Executive Summary of Business Plan?

Congratulations! That’s the very first action to figuring off how your business is going to generate income. It enables you to plan as how to achieve a status where you can fulfill your financial needs with perfection. A Smooth and Reliable Income is the know positive signal from any Business that you recently started.

Next you have the challenge of improving this management summary that sum up everything involving your business. The truth is, some people might not really read your company plan if they can’t get past the summarized version of your ideal business. Heck, they might perhaps not really read any more as compared to very first couple of paragraphs if this does not catch their particular attention or cause all of them to at least get curious.

The questions we ask from ourselves are: Do we write the administrator summary first before diving into writing the whole business strategy? Or do I write it after that? Exactly what do I put in the manager summary? Exactly how long should it be and exactly how much information should I expose? Let’s appear at this together, shall we?

Importance of Executive Summary

The most vital thing to understand is the fact that the executive summary is basically its very own stand-alone document. Hence it should be a complete and cohesive story of your business. Don’t consider it just the business plan and also not only a “short version” for the business strategy.

In my experience, the executive summary should be treated like a sales tool, a pamphlet if you will, that you’d hand off to potential customers in a shop. It ought to be so good and irresistible that any person would combat only to review a boring 30-50 page document (aka “the company program”). It ought to be therefore great that readers would spend to get proof for the wonderful things you will be saying.

You would probably get to the point quite rapidly and merely expose the highlights which you know would peak their particular attention. And you would probably seem pretty excited about it. And there re!! That’s the tone of your manager summary. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t attempt to show down. Play it straight. Sound self-confident and excited about the chance. Get to the point quickly. Stay authentic to your own “voice”. State just a few, extremely crucial realities and figures and wrap up quickly.


It converts off the government summary isn’t that daunting and tough to create most likely. Quite the contrary: you ought to have fun doing it, as this had been all your valuable exhilaration and wisdom will likely to be channeled into a couple of really convincing sentences that tell a tale any person would want to share and be part of. If it gets readers excited, you win!

Free Executive Summary Templates

Here are some very useful free Executive Summary Templates to share with you that can enable our draft a professional summary very quickly.

Executive Summary Template 01

Download this Executive Summary Template 01


Executive Summary Template 02

Download this Executive Summary Template 02

Executive Summary Template 03

Download this Executive Summary Template 03

Executive Summary Template 04

Download this Executive Summary Template 04

Executive Summary Template 05

Download this Executive Summary Template 05

You can also download 31+ Free Executive Summary Templates online to explore more different choices. Studying more and more free templates help you grasp its insight in a better way. Hence you can always come up with a better and professional document in minutes.



Work in a rich country at the Center East or doing work for You’ve probably already been undergoing CNA training and would love to know that what is CNA certification need that is required for official certification that may vary from condition to condition and they are also governed because of the state Department of Health or different medical associations when you look at the condition or area.

Certification is not only a method to seek employment right away. It’s also a doorway to incredible work and profession options that you never thought about feasible when you were just thinking about a qualified nursing associate education.

Here are some useful factors of the reason that why you should start thinking about completion of CNA certification Template straight away.



CNA Certification Requirements - Step Up On the Ladder

CNA Certification Requirements – Step Up On the Ladder

Certification will enable one to finally work the profession which you have actually already been dreaming and dealing for the past years. You might be restricted to work where you are relating to state laws but applicants may transfer their particular certification to some other state as lengthy as the official certification is active and in great standing. You may never have taken another certification exam. Official certification is going to be your passport to searching for bright professions internationally. You might want to train and obtain certificate from abroad. The foreign employers should be satisfied with your large quality training and certification that can give you the task which you seek. There are incredibly numerous work possibilities locally that the dream of creating vast worldwide may be satisfied whenever you take certification straight away. Imagine that doing a foreign company in European countries, there are many ways to satisfy your job but nevertheless have actually fun and live a satisfying life. Official certification can help you to make use of your knowledge and skill feasible. If you delay official certification, the ability and skill you have learned while training may have been partly forgotten. Your power and confidence after moving training may also decrease after a number of months or years of getting unemployed. And simply given that old saying goes “Strike the iron even though it’s still hot.”

  1. Official certification will finally test your abilities and knowledge learned from training. You may both pass or fail in official certification and failing would merely suggests that you’re maybe not only prepared to continue working as a nursing associate. Further education and using your talent discovered may be one of the key to finally passing official certification.

CNA certification requirements may vary from one area to other but within the U.S. the absolute most typical needs to accomplish a certification are the next;

  1. Driving a competency evaluation test which requires a composed and useful exam. The composed exam is performed by the state board of nursing or any nursing assistant’s organization when you look at the condition. The useful component associated with exam is carried out by testing center. Driving both tests along with various other CNAs official certification’s requirements will quickly certify a candidate. CNA training must be 75 hours minimum. Therefore the training also needs to be state approved. The raised popularity on the web training for health careers features increased through the many years as opposed to studying yourself in a training middle or in a genuine university. If you are generating decisions to raise your level on the web, make sure that your training is authorized by the condition board earlier.
  2. There are states that require candidates to experience physical examination and evaluating for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis before they are awarded certification. Wellness needs range from state to state to seek the advice of your neighborhood’s state board or health department.
  3. There are some conditions that need to check the background a before a candidate is awarded official certification. Background testing usually proceeds with filling aside a form that asks you questions regarding any criminal fees recorded against you various other than minor traffic offenses. You should not be able to disclose your unlawful record, you might be denied official certification. The Board of Nursing may review programs according to their group of guidelines. It’s also best to check for background evaluating demands that can be a part of CNA official certification that demands your condition or place.
  4. In addition, you have to publish fingerprint samples to complete your CNA certification needs. Check your regional health board for a total official certification demand list for certified medical assistants in your state to begin your program appropriate away.

The expiry of certificate differ from one state to other. In Florida, CNA certificates expire December 31st of any odd or also year which is determined by the entire year the license was released. You will probably get a hold of the day of expiry on your certificate. Generally, to remind you whenever your certification expires, restoration kinds or postcards are sent aside beginning with 120 days before your certification expires.

To renew official certification, once again, needs range from condition to state. Some may call for candidates to distribute a corresponding amount of units from continuing education. while some have to validate that you’re working as a nursing assistant during the two 12 months renewal period. Failure to fulfill these CNA certification demands would suggest no renewal of the certification. You may possibly require to take a certification written and useful exam again to be re-certified.

Aside from actual CNA certification cost demand is also compensated. This fee may be differ from condition to condition. Additionally, there are renewal costs and later part of the costs for offending certificate renewals. Contact your state Department of Health or your state board of medical for the actual amount that you need to have to spend.

Mission statement and vision statement are two different words that show company’s clear direction. Both these words are chosen by successful leaders to clearly and concisely convey the direction of organization. One can powerfully communicate his intentions and motivate his team or organization to realize an attractive and inspiring common vision of future for success.

With the help of comprehensible mission statement you are able to commune your company goal and encourage your employees to understand the future vision of the company. Mission Statement identifies the purpose and prime objectives of company. Its key function is to determine the measures of organization’s success and its primary spectators are stockholders and leadership team.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a company’s enunciation to its customers, employees and entire world of the purpose of its existence. Mission statements usually comprise purpose statement, business statement and a clue of company’s values. Purpose statement utters the purpose of company. Business statement describes how business will manufacture its products. Value statement talks about common values shared throughout the company and how these common values contribute to final product.

Following steps are involved in formatting the mission statement

  1. For the creation of mission statement, first of all you have to make out your organization’s winning idea. That is the way to make your organization better from the competitors, and this will be one of the reasons for the customers to use your product rather than products of your competitors.
  2. Next define the basics measures of your accomplishment.  While deciding the measures, pick the most important one and avoid select too many.
  3. Mingle your winning idea and accomplishment measures into a physical and accessible goal.
  4. Purify the words until you get brief and defined statement of your mission that articulates your thoughts, measures and desired outcome.

If you want to download Mission Statements in PDF Format, then visit website and you will find bunch of choices.

Preparing a Mission Statement is critical for the success of any company and hence it is a must have document. Give necessary time and review existing Mission Statement Samples before finalizing your own version.

Baby shower is a celebration party that is held for a pending or recent baby birth. It is common in countries like USA, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh, India and other western countries. List of these countries is growing with their number who like and celebrate this ocean. In this celebration, family, friends, relatives and other people come with gifts and presents for mom and baby in the invitational party. A specialty of this party is that only women attend this party and no men are invited.

In earlier times, baby shower party was held only for the first baby of the family. But with the time being, this concept has been widened. People like to celebrate it for mother-to-be for all baby numbers. They invite people by sending them baby shower invitations. These invitation cards are specific to the purpose of baby shower party.

Baby shower invitations are not a common type of invitation. People may get confused to design an ideal invitation template. These templates are usually designed after the choice of parents. They may prefer to select a design according to their cultural trends, season or a simple template with no images. These templates may vary in design, variety and cost.

You can find unlimited number of baby shower invitation templates on internet. Only you have to do is to download the sample template on your editing software program and make necessary changes. These sample templates will not only make ease in choosing appropriate deign for your baby shower party invitation, but also help you to design your own modified invitation of your own choice.

Everybody loves to enjoy holidays. They like to celebrate holidays by organizing parties, get-together, picnics or anything to have fun. It makes people to come out of their routine busy and dull lives and spend memorable time with their friends, relatives and loved ones. Holiday invitations are used to invite them to join the party/gathering.

Holiday invitations are a special kind of invitation templates. They may be designed for summer vacation, winter vacation, spring holidays, Christmas holiday or any other special consideration. It is a way to celebrate the season. Holiday invitation templates are usually designed in bright colors and vivid designs according to the event. Usually a holiday invitation templates indicates the season and party type for which you make it. Its design may also vary from the age range of the host and invitees.

Holiday invitations are delivered either by direct post or by email. What is the source to deliver, they hold some components that are commonly included in invitation templates, i.e.

  • Date and time
  • Title of party
  • Location
  • Host name and contact
  • Menu and schedule
  • Special consideration if any

An ideal holiday invitation template is that looks very attractive and fully explains the purpose and joy attached with that party. You can find awesome designed holiday invitation templates on internet. These templates do not only assist you to design your own invitation template but you can also use them by making little changes in their design. Designs for the envelop are also available that are consistent with the design of your holiday invitation template. You can conveniently download them from internet, make required changes in an editing software program and make them your own. You can also add you customized images on the title. These template save your cost and efforts as you can take as many prints as you want.

Have a look on some sample holiday invitation templates for your convenience.

You need to understand the difference between a resume and curriculum vitae (CV) before selecting a resume template. Normally, You use a Curriculum vitae or CV to apply for an academic education position. However people use a resume to apply for a job opening. Job seekers shall always look for a resume template rather than a CV template.

Always select a resume template that matches your work experience and not the work profile. After selecting the right resume template from free resume templates online, be careful to search and delete Placeholder Text and graphics or logos.  The recruiters might have received resumes based upon same resume template. So its unavoidable to make it look different than just a cookie cutter resume. Therefore it is critical to alter the resume template so that it looks different among others.

There are many websites offering free resume template without any watermarks or logos in them. You shall choose the best one among them to download for further editing. Selecting a right resume template is the key to draft your perfect resume with the precise information related to that job opening.

Resume Format  or Layout

Resume Format is refer to as the layout or order of information in your resume. There are several websites online that feature resume formats as IT, BPO, Manufacturing and more. Every resume format is full of the same set of information but in different layout. It does not count if you are using a ready-made resume template, what matters more is your resume format. If the template is not in a suitable format there is no value of using it.

Resume Writing Guidelines

Walk through these resume writing guidelines before starting editing your first resume. You can easily prepare a compelling resume by following these guidelines to make your resume a qualified profile for the advertised job. Following information will help you to write your resume like a professional.

Career Objectives

You can start editing your resume template by writing a career objective. It is the most basic element on a professional resume format. If you have good work experience then you can pay less attention to this section however if you are fresher, give it full attention. The core purpose of writing a career objective is to explain the candidates focus on the job applied for.

Experience Summary

Then comes an important section where the most of the recruiters will spend most of their time. The experience summary list down your key experiences along with its short details such as Designation, Work Period and Organization Name. While you need to write down important past work details, try not to make it look like a documentary rather just brief the work experience with roles and responsibilities. Also don’t forget to mention the key achievements specially related to the job you are applying for.

Education Details

Enlist your Education details in an inverted pyramid style where the highest or most recent qualification must be mentioned first. You can also specify other qualifications like computer courses, languages or other valuable curriculum relevant to the position applied for. Awards and merits earned during graduation will definitely put on usefulness to the resume.

Extracurricular and Hobbies

Extracurricular activities and other interests can also add extra value to your professional resume if used appropriately. Don’t mention time wasting hobbies like watching movies or listening to music. Sometimes It is better to leave the resume without mentioning hobbies rather than specifying negative hobbies.

Personal Details

You shall input your personal profile that includes the candidate name, age and gender which is more suffice for the recruiter to understand the candidates esteem. You can also mention father name, religion or blood group, contact details such as email address and cell phone number.

Other implications

Carefully study the advertisement posted for the job opening before starting writing your resume. Try to use same keywords used in the advertisement to make it relevant to job posting. Always use Serif fonts for the heading and sans serif font on the content for modern look. The “verdana” font is mostly preferred on the content with a font size of 10. If you maintain a descent LinkedIn profile do not hesitate to mention your profile url in your email note while forwarding your resume to the HR professional.


A company, whether it is a small business or a large corporation, is required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders. As the name suggests, an annual meeting of shareholders is held once a year.

Annual meeting is held by the board of directors or owners of a company or corporation to discuss different aspects of business such as new projects, strategies, joint business ventures and selection of members of board of directors for the next year. These annual meetings are participated in by shareholders and partners apart from the existing board of directors and company’s CEO.

With a view to conducting an effective annual meeting, the secretary of the meeting must send prior notice to the shareholders who should be given ample time to prepare themselves for the discussions that will take place in the meeting.

Description of Annual Meeting Notice

Though a company or business organization is run by its directors, EO and managers, importance of the shareholders and stockholders cannot be soft-pedaled. More than often every company requires advice and support of shareholders and stockholders at one point or another. Their opinions are also solicited by the board of directors when the latter hold annual meeting to elect new members of the board or develop new strategies to grow their business and increase their profits.

With a view to inviting the shareholders and stockholders to attend the upcoming general meeting, the secretary of the meeting sends them Annual Meeting Notices along with the particulars of the meeting including its agenda, venue, time and date.

Each shareholder must be informed about the occurrence of annual meeting. The Annual Meeting Notice must be in writing and should be given to the shareholders by hand or post. Notice can be sent to them electronically, i.e. via email, in many cases.

Key elements to include in the notice to shareholders of annual meeting:

  • Name of the owner(s) and director(s) in the company
  • Names of the shareholders who are invited in the meeting
  • Details of the meeting along with venue, time, date, duration
  • The general nature of business and distinct agenda of the meeting
  • Name of the Director or CEO of the corporation who will lead the meeting
  • Name of the Secretary of the meeting with contact number

Sample Shareholders Annual Meeting Notices

annual meeting shareholders notice

Download this Sample Notice from OpenOffice

Shareholders Annual Meeting Notice

Download this PDF Sample Notice from

Uses of Shareholders of Annual Meeting Notice

Though shareholders may have the information about the annual general meetings months prior to the actual day, there is a possibility that they might forget about the meeting. Their non-participation in the meeting will not go down well with the directors. Here comes the role of the meeting’s secretary who is responsible for informing all the shareholders about the date, time, location and agenda of the meeting. This will help the shareholders save the date and arrange their schedules. Ideally the Annual Meeting Notice shall be sent to the shareholder between 10 and 60 days prior to the date of the meeting. This will allow the shareholder to make informed decision whether or not they should attend. At the same time they won’t run the risk of forgetting about the meeting

This Annual Meeting Notice is used by the companies and corporations as formal letter to notify the shareholders about annual meetings.

When it is your child’s first birthday then it demands to be celebrated with full pleasure. It is exciting for not only parents of your child but also for whole family. Everyone demands a big party to make this moment memorable. Parents of the child organize a huge party on this occasion. All friends and family members are invited on this occasion. As you are now planning to celebrate the first birthday party of your child and you want to invite several people on it. It is the time to invite people with proper invitation card or letter. For this   purpose, you should be able to know how to write an invitation letter.

While inviting people through invitation letter, first of all you have to decide what kind of invitation card you want to design. The invitation card on child’s birthday may vary from person to person. Some people like cards with cartoons pictures while some like to have traditional invitation cards. Whatever card style you choose for invitation, keep that in mind that the card should reflect that it has been designed for a child’s birthday.

Always use the simple language on the card. The card can be simple but it should reflect the birthday of the child. You can add some sort of humour on card but humour should also be in accordance with your child’s birthday. Some people also add childish rhymes on the card to make it look more beautiful. Always remember that whatever wording you choose for your card, it should compliment to your card.

There are different styles of cards which are available on the internet. You can print those cards for your child’s birthday party and if you do not like anyone of them then you can customize cards of your own choice.

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Click Here to Download this Birthday Flyer

There are some basic things which serve as the most important elements of an invitation card. Such things are very important to be included in the card. The first thing which is the most important is the name of the host as well as the name of the baby whose first birthday is going to be celebrated. You can write any poem on the card which shows your love for your child.

1st Birthday Party Flyer Template

Click Here to Download this 1st Birthday Flyer Design

Also mention the birth date of your child in prominent font so that the recipient can know the day when the birthday is going to be celebrated although it will be written in card separately but still its good to mention the birth date as people can remember your child’s birthday.

Also add the location where you want your guest to come. The address of location, your phone number email address etc should be mentioned in the invitation card. You can also add the name of other people on the card who will be looking forward for your guests.

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Click here to download this Birthday Flyer from Microsoft

If there is any instruction related to the party, it should also be written in the card. Write the name of the recipient with your hands so that he can feel importance.

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