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A Lesson Plan is a structure for a lesson. If you visualize that a lesson is like a trip, then the lesson plan is the map. It shows where you beginning, where you come to an end and the direction to capture to get there. Lesson plans are the items of consumption for teachers view about their course what they expect to accomplish and how they expect to attain it. They are typically though not always in written form. There are as numerous unusual kinds of plans as there are teachers. Apprentice teachers often have to make very comprehensive written plans, with images not only of each activity but also listening the precise questions and commands they will give the class as well as the timings for each activity.  In a full-time teaching state of affairs, on the other hand, it is unreasonable to be expecting teachers to plan with this level of detail each lesson they teach. Recently qualified teachers might rely on a less detailed, but still reasonable planning is the most important, but teachers have build up the skill to plan much faster and with less need for detail. Highly experienced teachers might be able to go in the class with just a small list of notes or even with the sketch in their minds. Whatever the level of skill though, it is very significant that all teachers get the time to think through their lessons earlier than they enter the classroom.

The listening activities offer in schools presents a wide range of listening practice. The activities include a diversity of formal and casual styles of language, from dialogue and presentations to conversational dialogues. Passages have a variety of length, and for each passage there is a recording available which can be photocopied. The stress is upon genuine, real-world listening, using both inhabitant and non-native speaker accents. All answers are undoubtedly given. You can select to arrange activities by theme, expertise, level or grammar focus. Each activity consists of step-by-step teacher’s notes to direct students through the main assignment. Activities should be last among 15 to 45 minutes. The timing for each activity is given at the top of the lesson plan.  Please note this is a direction only. Different classes may complete the activities in diverse times. Note that you may select to exclude the post-listening phases if time is little then and include the main task only.

Here is a collection of Free Lesson Plan Templates available online that can help you to start learning your own skills at your own pace.

Here is a Weekly Lesson Plan Template created using MS Word and shared by,

Lesson Plan Template

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Here is another good looking Daily Lesson Plan Template created and shared by,


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Here is another good looking Secondary Lesson Plan Template created as PDF File by,


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Logically, any listening exercise includes a range of special listening skills. The activities here are intended to focus on one or more exacting listening skills. A vocabulary sector lists any words that students may be unfamiliar with. You can select to pre-teach any words you feel your students may not know. There is a recommended procedure for each activity. However, you can always make modify according to the requirements of your class. Listening is significant. Was it difficult to listen and pass the substance at the same time? Did you get discouraged when you or others couldn’t keep up with the narrative? How much of the narrative can you remember? This is the main and the essential part of the lesson plan.


At an educational establishment, attendance means that a person is physically present at the establishment during his study times. Attendance sheet is used to record the attendance. Attendance sheet is not only used at schools but also is used in offices. Attendance sheets are normally prepared on monthly basis, although can be prepared on weekly basis, too. Its preparation is based on the nature of work for which you are going to make it. If you are in searching of a free of cost Attendance Sheet Template, you can get it from our site. You will find here as per your desire template. You can have required changes in this template.

You can change the school name, its logo and its color scheme as per your need. If you think that there is no need to change its color scheme, you can use it without any change. If you want to change the logo of this Attendance Sheet Template, by following the instructions, you can get your desired results:

  • Right click on logo
  • Choose the change picture option
  • Select your own logo from computer
  • Click on insert option to insert the logo

If you are thinking to download this Attendance Sheet Template, there is just a need of single click on download button. Save this Attendance Sheet Template in your PC for your further use. We hope this Attendance Sheet Template will give you a quick start to make your own one.

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School absence note is a predesigned Per-forma that is designed to assist both the parents and students. It is a legal manuscript for schools. There is a variety of excuses notes for parents. Some of these described below:

  • Please excuse Robert to being absence on May 28, 29, 30, 31…
  • My daughter is under doctor’s care and should not take today’s class…
  • Please excuse my son for absence. He was seriously ill…

Many schools have predesigned absence notes. School Absence Note Template is especially designed for expediency of parents. School Absence Note Template contains sample text and parents are only required to fill it. School Absence Note Template is a vital obligation for all schools.

If you are thinking to download this School Absence Report Template, you can put your proposal into shape as link has been mentioned below to get it. You can change all its contents as per your need. Not only this, you can change its pictures setting and color scheme with your desired one. We hope this School Absence Report Template will assist you in true words.

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Merit awards are not scholarships but are given on the basis of one’s academic achievements, community activities, an essay and letter(s) of recommendation. Merit Award Certificate is usually used to pay for tuition, books and other related fees associated with pursuing a vocational certificate, an undergraduate or graduate degree. These awards are available to graduating high school seniors, spouses and college students. One can use different designs and impressive content in Merit Award Certificate.

Here we have designed special Merit Award Certificate for your kind assistance. It is hopped that it will provide you with a perfect document having all necessary components. This Merit Award Certificate is designed in MS Word 2007 that is fully editable and customizable. One can edit its text and replace its images or change placements of all components. This Merit Award Certificate is available free of cost and can be downloaded by clinking on the link given below. You can make this Certificate your own by downloading it and entering in your personal information in it.

Feel free to download and edit this Merit Award Certificate. You can communicate your feedback to us by posting comments on our website.

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Science is an enterprise that systematizes knowledge in the shape of testable explanations and predictions concerning natural world. Science is also the resulting body of the reliable knowledge that can be convincingly and logically explained. There are different scientific fields. If you are in searching of some good designed and easy to customize Science Poster Template, you can get it from our site that is customer-oriented site. You will find here all flyers on almost on all topics that you want. Science Poster Template is especially designed for you that will assist you in sharing your science knowledge or any science research that you have made, with public. You will find this Science Poster Template easy to customize and ready to use. You can use it as it is or after having some required change in it.

Look! Below is the link to download Science Poster Template.

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Children or baby care is an act of care and overseeing kids generally from 0-8 years of age. In United States, child care is ever more referred to as early babyhood training and education owing to the understanding of the early experience of developing kid. Child care is enough wide topics that cover a wide range of contents, activities, social, cultural conventions and institutions. If you are looking for some best designed and eye-catching Child Care School Poster, you don’t need to worry about its composition and learn the art of designing. Here we have an easy solution of your need. Just visit our website to find ready-to-use templates, posters, vouchers, pamphlets, flyer, brochures and much more of your need.  Here we have a perfect sample of Child Care School Poster for you kind assistance. In order to put your proposal into shape, have a single click on the download link mentioned below and download this poster for free. It is ready-to-use and easy to modify according to your requirement. Child Care School Poster is designed in Microsoft Word 2007.

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A Free Brochure Template is used for different fields as marketing as well as advertisement tool. A brochure is a form of leaflets that are commonly found at the place where visitors comes very often, for instance major shops, tourist informational place and museum. Brochure comes in different types such as interpersonal brochure and pamphlets. Pamphlets are also a form of brochures. Most common form of brochure is folding and booklet. Common types of single sheet brochures are the bi-fold that is a single sheet printed on both sides, second type is tri-fold that consists of three parts and printed on front side. Third type of brochure is A- bi-fold brochure that consists of four panels and it has two panels on each side. Here we have a free brochure template for your kind assistance. Free Brochure Template is easy to download and easy to modify. In order to change its images, just click on the picture and go into picture tool. From there select the change picture option and replace it with your desired picture. Double click is required to change Free Brochure Templates text by selecting it. In order to enlarge or decrease its size, drag your picture from a corner.

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A Musical Academy Template and brochures are composed generally for advertisement purpose. It is also used as academy newsletter template. Musical Academies offer their services by giving their musical and singing knowledge to interested people. First Musical academy started in United States in 1853 that academy was organized by George F.Root, William Bradury and Lowell Mason in New York. Generally musical academies have four week long training sessions in addition they include musical subjects, harmony, singing and composition. Basic knowledge of music and singing is given through these musical training institutes and academies. A fresh and elegant Musical Academy Template is presented here. If you are looking for some best design of music template then download this new sample Musical Academy Template for your convenience. This template is ready-to-use if you want to take an idea about its color scheme designing and contents then overview its snapshot. Hopefully this template will assist you in right way if you want to make your own template design by modifying it.

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If you need a certificate for special occasion and want to design it yourself then you must know some technical points of designing; for instance which is standard size for certificate, its color scheme and boarder that you like. If you want to compose a professional certificate for student or employee on his achievement of task and merit then its composition and color scheme should be bit different than a gift certificate. A Boarder Certificate Template can be used for both purposes. If you need a boarder certificate template then here we have present a certificate for your kind assistance. It is easy to modify and utilize. Enter your own title and contents in this Boarder Certificate Template according to your own requirement. You can also add your own organization logo to replace its slogan. You can take its print in both black & white and colored forms. This sample certificate template is free of cost. This Boarder Certificate Template can be used as award certificate, appreciation award certificate, experience certificate, diploma certificate, sales target achievement certificate and many more.

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A story book is presented for different purposes like it is used for educational purpose, kids, entertainment etc. A Story Book Template can be free book writing tools that assist you to plan structure of your book. It also helps you take an overview of the book multiple lines while writing book. In story book, writer can store all information about your characters and locations in one place. It also includes all storybook features; for instance, meanings, chapters, scenes and locations. You can also define your characters that work with user-friendly chart tools. If you need an elegant as well as fantasy kind of template, we present here a Story Book Template for your kind assistance. Snapshot gives you an idea about its look before you go to download it. It is composed in Microsoft Word 2007. This sample Story Book Template is easy and ready-to-use and simple to modify. This template can also be used as jungle book template for kids worksheet.

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