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Sample Listening Skills Lesson Plans

Posted on: May 12, 2017

A Lesson Plan is a structure for a lesson. If you visualize that a lesson is like a trip, then the lesson plan is the map. It shows where you beginning, where you come to an end and the direction to capture to get there. Lesson plans are the items of consumption for teachers view about their course what they expect to accomplish and how they expect to attain it. They are typically though not always in written form. There are as numerous unusual kinds of plans as there are teachers. Apprentice teachers often have to make very comprehensive written plans, with images not only of each activity but also listening the precise questions and commands they will give the class as well as the timings for each activity.  In a full-time teaching state of affairs, on the other hand, it is unreasonable to be expecting teachers to plan with this level of detail each lesson they teach. Recently qualified teachers might rely on a less detailed, but still reasonable planning is the most important, but teachers have build up the skill to plan much faster and with less need for detail. Highly experienced teachers might be able to go in the class with just a small list of notes or even with the sketch in their minds. Whatever the level of skill though, it is very significant that all teachers get the time to think through their lessons earlier than they enter the classroom.

The listening activities offer in schools presents a wide range of listening practice. The activities include a diversity of formal and casual styles of language, from dialogue and presentations to conversational dialogues. Passages have a variety of length, and for each passage there is a recording available which can be photocopied. The stress is upon genuine, real-world listening, using both inhabitant and non-native speaker accents. All answers are undoubtedly given. You can select to arrange activities by theme, expertise, level or grammar focus. Each activity consists of step-by-step teacher’s notes to direct students through the main assignment. Activities should be last among 15 to 45 minutes. The timing for each activity is given at the top of the lesson plan.  Please note this is a direction only. Different classes may complete the activities in diverse times. Note that you may select to exclude the post-listening phases if time is little then and include the main task only.

Here is a collection of Free Lesson Plan Templates available online that can help you to start learning your own skills at your own pace.

Here is a Weekly Lesson Plan Template created using MS Word and shared by,

Lesson Plan Template

Click here to download this Lesson Plan Template

Here is another good looking Daily Lesson Plan Template created and shared by,


Click here to download this Lesson Plan Template

Here is another good looking Secondary Lesson Plan Template created as PDF File by,


Click here to download this Lesson Plan Template

Logically, any listening exercise includes a range of special listening skills. The activities here are intended to focus on one or more exacting listening skills. A vocabulary sector lists any words that students may be unfamiliar with. You can select to pre-teach any words you feel your students may not know. There is a recommended procedure for each activity. However, you can always make modify according to the requirements of your class. Listening is significant. Was it difficult to listen and pass the substance at the same time? Did you get discouraged when you or others couldn’t keep up with the narrative? How much of the narrative can you remember? This is the main and the essential part of the lesson plan.


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