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Process of Graphic Design

Posted on: August 25, 2011

Graphic designing is an intellectual and imaginative process and consists of a series of steps. Today we will discuss all those steps which make a whole graphic designing process. I hope you will find this discussion helpful.

Gathering Information

Before working on any kind of project, a graphic designer needs to become an investigator and researcher. He must gather information on all aspects from various resources. For this, he may conduct an interview with the client to know what his client exactly needs and how he can fulfill all requirements of his client. A graphic designer also needs to get answers of some questions like what message would he convey through his design and in how much budget he will fulfill client’s requirements.

After getting all information, a graphic designer may make an outline and get it approved from his client.


Before moving further, some graphic designers visualize their concepts while some move forward by making quick layouts. However it is better to visualize a concept before moving forward. Today computers have made this process quite easier as they have enhanced ability of a graphic designer to produce a conceptual work. Through computer graphic programs, designers quickly develop high-quality concepts for client approval.

Arrangement of Visual Elements

In next step, a graphic designer needs to know how to arrange visual elements to make a design. Purpose of arranging these elements is not just to please the eyes but it also means to create a design that looks meaningful and convey a message. So every element on a page must have a reason for its presence and purpose of its placement. Just for this purpose, graphic designers are given training in fields of typography, drawing, color theory and composition.

After making a design, it is suggested to designers to make multiple versions of that design so that client can choose the best.

Presenting Design to Client

Graphic designers must be able to deliver quality representation of their concepts to clients. This step actually involves physical presentation of work with an explanation of logic behind creating that particular design. Here designers may have to face criticism but they need to be open-minded and accept suggestions from others.

Revision of Design

As a result of presentation, clients may ask for making some changes in a design. So in this step, a designer makes changes according to client’s wishes and revises the design. This step does not necessarily take place once as a design may have to undergo several revisions before final execution.


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