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Tips to Design a Professional Brochure

Posted on: December 13, 2010

One of the most difficult designing tasks is to design a professional and successful brochure. By reading this article you will able to get enough information about making your brochure a professional one. We are providing here some useful tips for you that will help you in making your brochure professional one.

  • You should be very careful about your objective. There should be an obvious and clear objective in your mind for which you are going to create your brochure because you know more about your business or subject.
  • Second important point that should be in your mind is that you should think before making your brochure who will be viewing your brochure? There is a need to decide on an audience. Once you decide, you will be able to design your brochure under the light of your audience requirements. You will better understand the individuals that make up your audience.
  • There is a need to maintain a consistent feel throughout your brochure that is being prepared. Combination of one or two background colors and a highlight color permits the user to easily differentiate the important level of the information. You should create a consistent grid for each panel with enough margin space to avoid feeling cluttered. You can also break this grid with important elements but the viewer needs the consistency to read non-standard elements as important.
  • On font face for titles and headings with italics and bold if used carefully increase the viewers comprehension of your brochure. San-serif fonts are more readable at smaller font sizes. In general, spruce your copy before reducing the font sizes and keep font sizes large. For example you can set text size as min 12pt according to on viewer age.
  • You should be careful in choosing text. Choose your heading text with great care and include bulleted lists as well as bold elements to permit a viewer to scan and understand your brochure within ten seconds. A short list is here about text notes that should be under your deep considerations:
    • Try to use image captions
    • Use of power words is good enough as new, easy, results, proven
    • Always avoid using all caps because user will face much difficulty to read and it will reduce response rates
    • You should avoid text over images unless your gradient your lighten the image 80-90%
    • A brief company and contact information should be in your brochure
  • Images are such part of brochures that can not be ignored any way. You selection of images should be impressive. Keep your images few, but powerful. Readers will see your brochure first and then read it, not everyone will read your brochure but they will see it. Images are so powerful that there is no faster way to reduce the read rate than poor images.



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