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Tips to Animate Graphics for a Web Page

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Most of the people when think about making a website, don’t give much importance to its appearance as compared to content. But it is a reality that graphics play an important role in enhancing the appearance of a website. To further enhance attractiveness of your website, you can create animated GIFs for your site. If you can’t hire a professional for this purpose then there is no need to worry because here I will give you some tips to animate graphics for a web page:

  • Make up your mind that what kind of animated graphics would you like to see on your web page as they may be simple shapes or series of pictures.
  • After deciding that, go to GIMP site and download latest release of GIMP and then install it in your computer.
  • Now start GIMP program. Click “File” and select “New”. In the dialog box, make breadth and height in pixels which you want for your animated GIF. Make the resolution 72 pixels per inch and background should be transparent. Now click “OK”.
  • Choose one of the “Selection” tools after going to “Layers” panel. Then use this tool to draw the selection on canvas. Now go to toolbar and select “Paintbucket” tool. This tool will be used to fill the selection with your favorite color.
  • Under the “Layers” panel, click on “Duplicate” icon nine times to have a total of ten layers.
  • Again go to the toolbar and select “Move” tool. Now use this tool to place each circle in different location on its specific layer.
  • Select “File” and click “Save”. A dialog box will open in which you will name your file and then select “GIF as the file type. After that click “Save”.
  • In next dialog, select “Make Animation” and click “OK”.  Again a dialog will open. Here you will select duration you want for the frames of animation. For the “Disposal” method choose “Replace” and then click “Export”. Now your animated graphic is ready to use.

These were some steps regarding animation of graphics. Follow these and have animated graphics on your web page.


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